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John Meunier | Skipping level 1

John Wesley had three categories he used to organize his thinking about how to best preach the gospel. We see these three nicely in his sermon “Scriptural Christianity.” Here he is describing his vision for how the first converts to … [Read More...]

Sandpiper's Thoughts | Who will betray him?

John 13:21-38Jesus ate one last meal with them.He said, "One of you will betray me."He risked telling them the truth,as he always had.Sounds at the table stopped.The shuffling, the rasp of hand on beard,the wash of drink clearing away the … [Read More...]

Random Thoughts | New Life

There are places in our world where seasons are shadows of what we experience here in these mountains. Mountain seasons are intense and they are rapid and sudden. In these mountains, I regularly hear people say: “This is the Rockies, you can … [Read More...]


A Moment of Community Hysteria

“Community hysteria” is a term to describe overblown responses to instances of policies or actions that contradict the communities’ sensibilities. One example is the World Vision decision to allow future employees to live in a monogamous, same-sex … [Read More...]

Ecumenical burial fit for a king

Ecumenical Burial Fit for a King

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Tens of thousands of people in Leicester — England’s most religiously diverse city — are getting ready to honor the memory of a long-despised English king with a ceremony that testifies to the already warm relationship … [Read More...]

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