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Lake Neuron » Lake Neuron | Other Space

I didn’t binge-watch “Other Space” all in one sitting, but it only took me a few days to get through the eight-episode season of this quirky science-fiction comedy. I thought it was terrific, and I’m hoping against hope for … [Read More...]

Sandpiper's Thoughts | Opposites?

On the road much this week - from Potomac Highlands to Midland South to Greenbrier to Western to Wesleyan and then back home to Western.  Sorry for the spotty posts, and glad for the day of normal today.I mentioned the Prayer class that was part … [Read More...]

One Mile Mosser | On Knowing the Will of God

An alert reader, Anonymous, once brought me a copy of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. One of the newspaper articles was by Jim Jones, entitled “To Know God’s Will is No Easy Thing.” Jones discussed Chuck Swindoll’s book, The Mystery of God’s Will. … [Read More...]


Digital Ministry and the Future of the Church

Digital Ministry and the Future of the Church

Digital Ministry" is the future of the church. God is at work in new spaces like social media. Technology informs culture more than ever before. What will it mean to do ministry in this fast changing world. This interview with Rev. Wil Ranney, a … [Read More...]

Inch Deep Mile Wide Faith

A Cure for Mile-Wide and Inch-Deep Religion

CORVALLIS, Ore. (RNS)  I am in this lovely college town to help a congregation discern its path forward. It faces challenges that many church leaders will recognize: leadership, finances, isolation from the surrounding community, not enough young … [Read More...]

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