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Wrestled With Angels | My Father Owns the Mountain

I heard a story of two teens who arrived at summer camp at the same time. They were forced to share bunks. One girl was a brat who introduced herself by saying, “Hey, there. I come here every summer because my daddy owns part of this property. Do you … [Read More...]

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings | Stop it

Today’s Reading  Ezekiel 12:21 – Ezekiel 23:39 I have a friend who tells of a story of a 10 speed bike and a Christmas long ago. He wanted a 10 speed bike. All his friends had 10 speed bikes. Not just any 10 speed bike, he wanted a Schwinn. It was … [Read More...]

Seedbed | Wallpaper Download: March 2015

“In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me.” John 16:16 Download the free March 2015 wallpaper and use it as your smartphone background or desktop calendar. 1280×800 ; 1440×900 ; 1680×1050 ; 1920×1080 ; … [Read More...]

Jason C. Stanley | Guest Post: Pain and Praise

The latest from by Rev. Daniel Wray Read Psalm 22:23-31. My freshman year of college was a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast. Conditions in these areas were still desperate, and my home church in Richmond … [Read More...]

connexions | Hymn of the day

O GOD, what offering shall I give To thee, the Lord of earth and skies? My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, A holy, living sacrifice; Small as it is, ’tis all my store; More shouldst thou have, if I had more. Now then, my God, thou hast my … [Read More...]

Beguine Again | Cry Out in Your Weakness

Since I didn’t share my  #1000voices post with all of you last week, I thought I would this Sunday. It’s never too late to add your voice to those who speak up for compassion. It’s never too late to be compassionate. Hear … [Read More...]


Top Methodist Blog Posts

Top Posts

Some of the more popular posts we've been seeing, highlighting so that you don't miss some of the goodness being shared. This list is a bit longer than others as we've been unable (for other job responsibility reasons) to digest everything that's … [Read More...]

What do United Methodists Believe About Jesus

What Do Methodist Believe About Jesus Christ?

According to Google (cite image) there are not too many folks searching out what United Methodists believe about Jesus Christ. Apparently we have some folks with some interesting theology there (another blog post for another time I suppose). Dr. … [Read More...]

Fern Creek United Methodist Church Accepting Bitcoin for Tithing

Tithing With Bitcoin

For what we can tell, Fern Creek United Methodist Church is the first UMC to accept Bitcoin as part of their online giving. What is Bitcoin you ask? That is sort of one of those million dollar questions. Simply put, Bitcoin is an online payment … [Read More...]

50 Shades of Grey from Another Conversation

50 Shades Of Another Conversation

I haven't read but portions of 50 Shades of Grey. In fact it was rather humorous sitting around a friend kitchen table and reading portions to the other husbands gathered. It was an interesting scene. Without having read the books, or any plan to … [Read More...]

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