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Simply Sherri | Happiness is…

Is there anything better than hearing happiness from your kids?  That's one of my most absolute favorite things in the world. Gratitude #8 ~ Hearing from DD that she is having a great time at her summer dance intensive.  She is growing up too fast!  … [Read More...]

Red Chair Music | that was just dumb…

I was an elementary music teacher when my wife and I were first married.  Those four years of teaching were fun, exciting, draining, fulfilling, aggravating, creative – just wild!  They also still (so many years later) provide me with the … [Read More...]

Palabras de Deb | It’s the simple things

It’s the simple things that start to go first…laundry, vacuuming, cooking real meals.  You don’t mean for it to happen, not in a pre-meditated kind of way. But when things get crazy, you have to prioritize and something takes second chair and … [Read More...]



Youth 2015 challenged to GO ON . . . with mercy

I don't know about anyone else here at Youth 2015, but I know I'm dragging a bit. There has been a lot going on, and the simple act of walking through this immense hotel and convention center can be draining (according to Google Fit, I've been … [Read More...]


An Interview With Bishop Gary Mueller

During last night's worship, the communion service was led by two of our United Methodist bishops, Bishop Peggy Johnson of the Philadelphia Episcopal Area, and Bishop Gary Mueller of the Arkansas Episcopal Area. Bishop Mueller sat down with us for a … [Read More...]


A Pre-Worship Update….

Wow! Day 2 at Youth 2015 has been action packed, and I confess that I've gotten behind in updating. After leading a workshop on the Internet and discipleship, I then watched Anna lead over 200 girls in her workshop, #Likeagirl, which looked at self … [Read More...]


Anna’s Take on Day 1

Hey guys, this is Anna. My dad has been doing most of the writing so far, but I'm here too and want to share my experience. Youth 2015 has been really great so far. Tonight's opening service and it was amazing. My own youth group unfortunately … [Read More...]


Challenges? We laugh in the face of challenges!

It's been a long day and like any first day of an event the size of Youth 2015, it's come with a few challenges along the way. And yet, as is often true in youth ministry as well, adaptability was the star of the day as people patiently waited to … [Read More...]

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