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Pastorbluejeans Ramblings | Pick one already

Today’s Reading  Daniel 9:1 – Hosea 13:6 In second grade, I had the biggest crush on a girl in my class. I liked everything about her. I liked spending time with her. I liked how she looked. I liked how she talked. I just didn’t know if she … [Read More...]

A Pastor's Thoughts | The Value of Silence

Silence and prayer If we take as our guide the oldest prayer book, the biblical Psalms, we note two main forms of prayer. One is a lament and cry for help. The other is thanksgiving and praise to God. On a more hidden level, there is a third kind of … [Read More...]

A Pastor's Thoughts | Day 14–March 5

Mark in Forty Days This year I am reading through the Gospel of Mark during the forty days of Lent. My suggested plan is that you do these readings in Lectio Divina  format. Today’s reading Mark 6:46-54 Prayer Thought Lord we depend on you to walk on … [Read More...]

Beguine Again | Monotheism And Seeing-Eye Dogs

****************************************************************** I had originally planned to observe a moratorium in “Skeptics Collection” posts until after the conclusion of the current e-course The Great Divide on religion and the US … [Read More...]


When Saying Grace Can Get You Hurt

When Saying Grace Can Get You Hurt

TRENTON, N.J. (RNS) A New Jersey man cannot collect damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet at Applebee’s, a state appeals panel ruled Wednesday (March 4). In March 2010, Hiram Jimenez … [Read More...]

10 Tricks to appear smart in meetings

10 Tricks to Appear Smarter in Meetings

Don Heatley tipped us off on this one at Must say that I have either been the perp of some of these actions, or witness each of them in church trainings, committee meetings, even annual conferences. Enjoy a good chuckle on this … [Read More...]

Top Methodist Blog Posts

Top Posts

Some of the more popular posts we've been seeing, highlighting so that you don't miss some of the goodness being shared. This list is a bit longer than others as we've been unable (for other job responsibility reasons) to digest everything that's … [Read More...]

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