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Ponderings | Day of Prayer Confession

The latest from In the Virginia Conference, today (Pentecost Sunday) is a Day of Prayer. Bishop Cho has asked the churches to be in prayer for renewal and revival for the church.  I tailored the prayer of confession in … [Read More...]

Tuesdays with Morris | I Ain’t Drunk

This message was shared at Centerville UMC on Sunday, May 24, 2015. The Scripture reading came from Acts 2:1-12.  Before I get too far into this message, I feel like I should set the stage a bit. The Scripture passage we heard focuses on an … [Read More...]

chappelltemple | A Petite Post for Pentecost

The name itself comes from the Greek word meaning “fiftieth,” for in the agricultural calendar of the Hebrews it was seven weeks after Passover that the “Feast of Weeks” was observed, marking the end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the … [Read More...]


Sexuality and The Duggar Scandal

Is there anyone who has not heard the sad and scandalous news about Josh Duggar of 19 Children and Counting fame? The TV show has now been cancelled. Far more, that family has just had their carefully constructed and controlled lives deconstruct and … [Read More...]

Church Decline | Abandoned Church

5 ways churches inflicted pain on themselves

(RNS) Let’s be clear: The much-heralded “decline of Christianity in America” isn’t about God losing faith in humankind. It isn’t about losing our moral compass thanks to whatever you happen to loathe. It isn’t about fickle millennials. It isn’t … [Read More...]

Can You Be a Christian Without Believing in Christ?

Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?

(RNS) The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations among church leaders. A generation ago, many Americans would have been considered “nominal” in … [Read More...]

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