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Liquid Faith | Some Days Just Suck

I’ll probably get some flak for using that word, but the truth of the matter is that some days really do just plain suck. Even for those of us with a glass-is-half-full mentality, there are some days that start off wrong, get progressively worse, and … [Read More...]

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings | Am I a Gossip?

Today’s Reading Hebrews 1 – James 3:12      “Did you hear?”  How many conversations that you have been part of recently have started out with that or a similar question?      “Can you believe it?” Have you found yourself … [Read More...]

Hopeful | A Speck

I wrote this in July 2013. What a Speck The Milwaukee Center on Milwaukee’s RiverWalk (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today, I saw sinners everywhere I wandered— And I was out with a purpose!— And I was astounded, And I was thankful for who I am. On … [Read More...]

This Day With God | Start with Prayer

In the post Following Instructions for a Successful Day, written about was how Abraham was concerned who his son Isaac would marry so he sends someone to find the perfect mate for his son. Abraham didn’t want him to marry someone where they currently … [Read More...]


Ecumenical burial fit for a king

Ecumenical Burial Fit for a King

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Tens of thousands of people in Leicester — England’s most religiously diverse city — are getting ready to honor the memory of a long-despised English king with a ceremony that testifies to the already warm relationship … [Read More...]

Crucified with Christ

            I am a nameless criminal.  Greed controlled my life and evil claimed my soul.  My crimes were eventually detected, and I was arrested by the Romans.  My fate was sealed and my crucifixion date was set.             On that horrible day, … [Read More...]

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