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Beguine Again | The Last Word of History

The icy winter swallows our summers, but spring will come to sweep away the snow, to put an end to the need for prophets and the old maps, to birth a new day incising hope and joy on the hearts of the distraught. We’ll be the waterlilies rising from … [Read More...]

John Meunier | Encouraging cross bearing

I’ve been thinking about the necessity of cross bearing the last few days. As I often do when pondering such things, I’ve been reading John Wesley. Here is his word on the topic from his sermon “Self-Denial.” The denying … [Read More...]

modernfaith | time matters

As a parent of two children, I often consider time to be one of the biggest stress-inducing factors in our everyday schedule. I make issues of time a "big deal!" Probably too frequently. Can we get from A to B in enough time? How much time do we have … [Read More...]

Evangelism and Environmentalism

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to let you know a little bit of what is on my mind and heart lately. Creation has been a very important subject to me for a long time. My understanding and interpretation of the book of … [Read More...]

Willis Wired | “Simplify”

Bill Hybels’ book, Simplify, offers “ten practices to unclutter your soul,” in the following titles … From exhausted to energized From overscheduled to organized From overwhelmed to in control From restless to fulfilled From … [Read More...]

Preceding Grace | Overcoming Our Tendencies

Featured Lectionary Scripture: James 2:1-17What would the reaction of our congregation be if Kevin Durant attended worship?As a perennial All-Star in the NBA and the key member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, I dare say that he would likely garner some … [Read More...]

David F. Watson | A Follow Up on Forgiveness

My last post was on forgiveness and reconciliation. Since then, I read an excellent article on this topic by Joy Moore in Good News. Unfortunately the article is not online, but if you have access to the print version I commend it to your reading. … [Read More...]


Bob Stevenson

The Moment and The Song

Submitted by Bob Stevenson, An imperfect Lay follower of Christ of the Methodist persuasion, beginning my 80th year on planet. I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head.  It followed me from “The Moment” in worship Sunday morning—bouncing … [Read More...]

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