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the unlikely orange | the lost week

i am alive.  at least, i'm pretty sure i am.  and, if so, it's no small accomplishment. after all, i've lost a bit of everything over the last 10 days: weight, energy, health, time, bodily fluids, any remaining patience, a year's supply of … [Read More...]

A Pastor's Thoughts | Silence and Focus

Abba John the Dwarf was very fervent. Now someone who came to see him praised his work, and he remained silent, for he was weaving a rope. One again the visitor began to speak and once again he kept silence. The third time he said to the visitor, … [Read More...]

everyday theology | Pop Culture Truth

We started a new sermon series at Euless First United Methodist Church yesterday.  Here is the transcript for my sermon titled “Pop Culture Truth” delivered Sunday, May 31, 2015. Blame it on a shark.  Not the shark that Fonzie jumped on … [Read More...]


Church Decline | Abandoned Church

5 ways churches inflicted pain on themselves

(RNS) Let’s be clear: The much-heralded “decline of Christianity in America” isn’t about God losing faith in humankind. It isn’t about losing our moral compass thanks to whatever you happen to loathe. It isn’t about fickle millennials. It isn’t … [Read More...]

Can You Be a Christian Without Believing in Christ?

Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?

(RNS) The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations among church leaders. A generation ago, many Americans would have been considered “nominal” in … [Read More...]

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