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Pastorbluejeans Ramblings | What’s out there?

Today’s Reading Jeremiah 48:1 – Lamentations 1:22 Fences…walls…barricades Several years ago, my wife and I and our youngest son joined some other colleagues and their families and made the trek to Israel. It was the first time that I had … [Read More...]

everyday theology | What not to wear: in Church

Would you wear a hat to Church? What about jeans? Should the preacher wear a robe? We had some really good discussion about this yesterday.  Right after we walked-through this Sunday’s message about excessive use of media. Here was our … [Read More...]

This Day With God | Humanity and Christianity

Mark Shields:You and I are wonderfully made by a God who loves each of us so much that He sent His own Son to die on the cross for us. I wrote this poem after reflection on Genesis 4 about humanities fall in the Garden of Eden. This poem explains how … [Read More...]

A Pastor's Thoughts | Day 9–February 27

Mark in Forty Days This year I am reading through the Gospel of Mark during the forty days of Lent. My suggested plan is that you do these readings in Lectio Divina  format. Today’s reading Mark 4:21-41 Prayer Thought Lord I know that you have calmed … [Read More...]

Sacredise | A New Liturgy No. 6 – The Examen

Most recordings of worship music are just that – recordings of music. The songs may be geared toward God, but generally the recording has little to do with an actual experience of worship. In my opinion this is true even when the recording is … [Read More...]


Top Methodist Blog Posts

Top Posts

Some of the more popular posts we've been seeing, highlighting so that you don't miss some of the goodness being shared. This list is a bit longer than others as we've been unable (for other job responsibility reasons) to digest everything that's … [Read More...]

What do United Methodists Believe About Jesus

What Do Methodist Believe About Jesus Christ?

According to Google (cite image) there are not too many folks searching out what United Methodists believe about Jesus Christ. Apparently we have some folks with some interesting theology there (another blog post for another time I suppose). Dr. … [Read More...]

Fern Creek United Methodist Church Accepting Bitcoin for Tithing

Tithing With Bitcoin

For what we can tell, Fern Creek United Methodist Church is the first UMC to accept Bitcoin as part of their online giving. What is Bitcoin you ask? That is sort of one of those million dollar questions. Simply put, Bitcoin is an online payment … [Read More...]

50 Shades of Grey from Another Conversation

50 Shades Of Another Conversation

I haven't read but portions of 50 Shades of Grey. In fact it was rather humorous sitting around a friend kitchen table and reading portions to the other husbands gathered. It was an interesting scene. Without having read the books, or any plan to … [Read More...]

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