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Simply Sherri | Oh my, what a gift!

I am privileged to share a message and worship about once a month with a lovely little congregation at Grinter Chapel United Methodist Church.  I love spending time with them.  They are a delight! This morning when I arrived, one of the members … [Read More...]

Tuesdays with Morris | Are You a Spiritual Giant?

Disclaimer/Warning: If you are prone to take things personally and get defensive, this blog is probably not the place for you! When I write, I am simply sharing my thoughts and ideas. I do not write with certain people or congregations in mind. This … [Read More...]

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings | Do you know me?

Today’s Reading John 10:11-18 This morning we celebrate a Baptism in worship. It is always a fun time and a great moment of worship. The family will bring their beautiful little baby up and share in this moment with the gathered church. We will … [Read More...]


Digital Ministry and the Future of the Church

Digital Ministry and the Future of the Church

Digital Ministry" is the future of the church. God is at work in new spaces like social media. Technology informs culture more than ever before. What will it mean to do ministry in this fast changing world. This interview with Rev. Wil Ranney, a … [Read More...]

Inch Deep Mile Wide Faith

A Cure for Mile-Wide and Inch-Deep Religion

CORVALLIS, Ore. (RNS)  I am in this lovely college town to help a congregation discern its path forward. It faces challenges that many church leaders will recognize: leadership, finances, isolation from the surrounding community, not enough young … [Read More...]

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