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####advertisement – If you are in the Area.. Today at 1 pm and again at 7 pm Clayton High School will be performing “Wizard of Oz”. you don’t want to miss it. Today’s Reading Jude 1– Revelation 17:18 Tonight, if all goes well, … [Read More...]



“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” That’s the inescapable reality for  today’s churches. 2015 is  dramatically different from the eras in which most of our churches grew up and thrived. Not surprisingly, the way we did church then isn’t working … [Read More...]

Ecumenical burial fit for a king

Ecumenical Burial Fit for a King

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Tens of thousands of people in Leicester — England’s most religiously diverse city — are getting ready to honor the memory of a long-despised English king with a ceremony that testifies to the already warm relationship … [Read More...]

Crucified with Christ

            I am a nameless criminal.  Greed controlled my life and evil claimed my soul.  My crimes were eventually detected, and I was arrested by the Romans.  My fate was sealed and my crucifixion date was set.             On that horrible day, … [Read More...]

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