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  • FUMC Midland, TX, brings Cuban pastor to establish Hispanic ministry

    “We wanted to do this because there is a rapidly growing Spanish-speaking and English-speaking Hispanic population growing in Midland. Share this:More
  • Wesley Bros: Asinine Assumptions

    Charley Baber unpacks issues of race through thinking about our own Methodist story Share this:More
  • Methodist bishop’s offer to mediate housing standoff declined

    From INDEPENDENT ONLINE NEWS: A Bishop of the Methodist Church who was present during the second day of the Lwandle evictions offered to help the police defuse the tension, but was “fobbed off”, the ministerial inquiry has heard. Police were preparing to disperse crowds gathered near the structures that were to be demolished on June ...
  • An urgent call to stop the horrific suffering in Iraq

    Iraq is divided and suffers many difficult challenges politically, economically and socially. Peace and reconciliation is critical and dialogue within the country is of utmost importance in order to bring about a lasting resolution to this humanitarian crisis. Share this:More
  • DS/DCM Orientation Cultivating Vital Ministries

      By Michael Rich “This training is like receiving a large suit of clothes that I haven’t grown into yet,” that’s according to an insight that Myron Wingfield, coordinator of the event, discovered from a 2013 participant. District Superintendents and Conference Directors of Connectional Ministries from across the connection gathered from August 24-28, 2014 at ...
  • GCORR board president Bishop Minerva Carcaño responds to the death of Michael Brown

    It is morally wrong that young African American teenagers are being killed in our communities. Racial ethnic communities should not be treated as war zones. Share this:More
  • United Methodist Men will compete for top honors

    The General Commission on United Methodist Men will honor the top 30 local churches that engage in ministries designed to transform the lives of men and youth. Share this:More
  • GCFA board begins budget discussions

    The board of directors of the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) held its third scheduled meeting of 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee on August 21-22. Share this:More
  • MLK’s daughter seeks nonviolent Ferguson response

    Those who participated in the civil rights marches of Martin Luther King Jr.’s era have had trouble connecting with the young people on the streets of Ferguson this month who see the 1960s as irrelevant. Bernice King tried to bridge that divide. Share this:More
  • LGBTQ allies gather at Duke Divinity Convocation

    There’s been some controversy recently at Duke Divinity School about the place of LGBTQ persons in that community: Student Lizzie McManus-Dail said she asked a question at orientation regarding how to combat heteronormativity, which deals with gender separation, in classrooms. She said that Richard Hays, dean of the Divinity School, responded he was concerned the ...

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