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  1. Libby Gray

    Thank you for offering this information to us.

    Libby Gray
    Office Administrator
    Arkansas Conference
    The United Methodist Church

  2. Libby Gray

    Thank you.,

  3. James McReynolds

    GOD WILL PROVIDE. Go ahead, get educated. When I studied at Vanderbilt University, I was in touch with ministers of many denominated groups. The doctrine and promised covenant of the United Methodists for those who could become elders appealed to me. Perhaps all denominations could repent of their polity and control. There are no perfect denominations.

    I served in small parishes of the United Methodist Church for nine years. The past seven years I have served a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Nebraska since 2005. A mark of maturity is to realize: 1. Life is not fair. 2. Everything changes and ends. 3. Things don’t go according to plan. 4. Pain is part of life. 5. People are not loving and loyal all the time.

    Norman Vincent Peale long ago called me as the minister of joy to the world. Perhaps that’s like Wesley’s “the world is my parish.”

    I thank God he called me and gave me purpose for my life journey.
    To all my brothers and sisters: GOD WILL PROVIDE.

  4. Annette P. Bingham

    My husband forwarded some of the Methoblogs to me. I decided to ask for them to be sent to me. Thanks for making this information available to folks!

  5. Rap Posnik

    On different kinds of sin, the three types…I would like to look at some sin as Christ smiling at me…however my thoughts as I have matured, that really, there are no levels. Sin is sin. My human nature would like to classify it, my human nature would like to make my path easier, but I wonder when I am judged…especially if God is holding my by the scruff of my neck..I could see and hear my explanation now…”Comm’on God, it wasn’t that bad was it?” I think I try harder now to hold my feet to the fire now rather than later?

    Blessings to you all..

  6. Annette P. Bingham

    I look forward to being reinstated to this “blog”. For some reason I was dropped on July 27th and I have been trying to get back on the list for about 4 weeks now. Thanks for this note.

  7. anna h butler

    i keep trying to unsubscribe and your site won’t take my unsubscription.
    please help!

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