Oct 01 2014

Strange Christianity: Modern Day Slaves

Here are some excerpts from an article I wrote that is published in the fall edition of St. Luke’s Pathway Magazine. – When most of us hear the word slavery, we usually think of past events from the 18th-19th centuries. People like Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, and William Wilberforce come to mind as they sought […]

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Oct 01 2014

John Meunier: Community without Christ

Ed Stetzer’s reflections after discovering that the son of progressive evangelical Tony Campolo has become an atheist chaplain contain several good points that are worth your time to read. One of the one’s that caught my eye goes like this: … Continue reading

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Oct 01 2014

UMR: Fenner appointed endorsing agent for the UMC

Fenner’s appointment is effective January 1, 2015, upon the retirement of the Rev. Tom Carter in December 2014. Carter has served as endorsing agent since 2012.

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Oct 01 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Ahh, Vikings… We Hardly Knew Ye

Just how bad were the Vikings?[Anders] Winroth is among the scholars who believe the Vikings were no more bloodthirsty than other warriors of the period. But they suffered from bad public relations– in part because they attacked a society more li…

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Oct 01 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: God’s Gift Sets Stage for WCS Recipient to Connect with Others through Song, Worship

World Communion Scholar Marcus Simmons uses his musical gifts and talents to connect with others.

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Oct 01 2014

Encourage One Another Daily: Another Wednesday

It’s only the middle of the work week, but I bet your job isn’t this hard! Enjoy! May we make it to Friday with smiles on our faces!Filed under: Humor, Life

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