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Jan 16 2014

MethoBlog under attack…

The MethoBlog is struggling with the WordPress brute log-in attack that has been spreading on the Internet. We apologize that our site is acting a bit strange, but we hope to have it fixed soon.

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Jun 06 2013

United Methodist Reporter to continue as a digital resource. MethoBlog to become part of CircuitWriter Media LLC



United Methodist Reporter to Continue as a Digital Resource
MethoBlog to become part of CircuitWriter Media LLC

Nashville, TN – June 5, 2012  CircuitWriter Media LLC announced today that it has entered into an agreement with UMR Communications Inc. to purchase the rights and digital assets of the United Methodist Reporter (UMR) with the intention of continuing the work of UMR on the Internet and through other digital means. This will allow the website to continue into the future, with the hope of continuing to have independent source for United Methodist-oriented news and commentary. had been in danger of shutting down in the wake of last month’s announcement by UMR Communications Inc. that it would cease operations due to the ongoing burden of their overhead and print operations. This announcement spurred CircuitWriter Media partners Charles Harrison, Gavin Richardson, and Jay Voorhees to examine the online presence of the Reporter and to create a plan for allowing the digital side of UMR to continue. This plan was presented to the Executive Committee of UMR Communications Inc., which was charged with closing down the business.  The committee approved the decision to sell the rights and digital assets to CircuitWriter Media.

“Once the decision was made for UMR Communications to cease operations, I have been praying that the ministry of the Reporter as an independent entity in service to the church would emerge,” said Alan Heath, UMR CEO, after the Executive Committee decision was made.  “The proposal by CircuitWriter Media was an answer to prayer. I along with the Executive Committee of our Board of Directors applaud these dedicated communicators for taking up the challenge.”

The CircuitWriter Media partners are no strangers to producing web content for United Methodists. Richardson and Voorhees are the co-founders and publishers of The MethoBlog (, a site which aggregates the content of over 300 Methodist-oriented bloggers into a single stream, and which partnered last year with the United Methodist News Service in Tampa to create a special site for conversation and reporting about the 2012 General Conference. Richardson owns and operates TheYouthworker Circuit ( which provides resources for youth ministry in the Wesleyan tradition, and has been a speaker throughout the country on the intersection between technology and ministry. Harrison is the CEO of CYMX and The Youthworker Movement, both of which have maintained award-winning websites ( and All have been active bloggers and participants on social media sites for many years, offering commentary and reporting on issues in the United Methodist Church.

Under their plan, The United Methodist Reporter and The MethoBlog will become divisions of CircuitWriter Media LLC, and will continue to operate with different functions. The MethoBlog will continue to provide the aggregated sum of blogger shared commentary, while the United Methodist Reporter will continue as a curated site focused on United Methodist news and commentary. There are also plans in the works for providing a national news digest in a digital form for annual conferences and congregations to subscribe to for use in their publications. Advertising sales and technical management will be centralized across the two platforms.

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue the tradition of the United Methodist Reporter,” said Voorhees, one of the CircuitWriter Media partners. “We believe that it’s vitally important to the United Methodist connection to have a news source that is not affiliated with any official board or agency, and we believe we have a plan in place which will make providing those services financially viable.”

CircuitWriter Media is being incorporated in the state of Texas, and will be operated out of Nashville, TN.



Jay Voorhees
1300 Hadley Ave.
Old Hickory, TN  37138
(615) 310-6530

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Jan 05 2013

It’s that time of year…

editor2c2013 is hear and we are still plugging away here at the MethoBlog. Every day some 500+ of you drop by to catch up on the latest in Methodist related blogposts and news. We are a one stop shop for musings in the MethoWorld and we are pleased to be able to offer you this service.

While we offer the occasional advertisement on the site, we don’t bring in a lot of money through those ads, and we are dependent on the donations of individuals to help pay for our hosting and other costs. If this was a full-time business for us then we might work harder to make advertising work (maximizing page views) but we’re pastors with full-time appointments and limited in our ability to work on the site. So, we ask those who benefit from the MethoBlog to kick in every so often to help us pay the bills. The beginning of the year is one of those times.

We currently aggregate content from over 300 different sites, aggregating that content and providing a centralized repository for Methodist related blogs. If every supporting blog would be willing and able to donate a couple of bucks toward the cause we would be able to cover our annual costs for hosting the site.

There is a widget on the front page with a donate button. Please click there and contribute what you can to help keep the MethoBlog running for another year.

Thanks again for all your support of the MethoBlog.

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Dec 20 2012

Support Independent Methodist News

Support the United Methodist Reporter

2012 is coming to a close and should the Mayan’s be incorrect, the earth will continue to turn after tomorrow and the sun will rise on God’s earth. Assuming that there will be a 2013 I want to encourage you to support one of our great front line sources of United Methodist news.

The United Methodist Reporter has been HUGE in keeping everyone ‘in the know’ this crazy year of Methodism that 2012 has been. From General Conference coverage, Call to Actions, Bishop Bledsoe, Bishops Elections, tragedies, Cokesbury, as well as introducing us to a host of new UM commentary voices.

As a curator for the Methoblog and our Twitter Account, I can say without hesitation that their breaking news and challenging writing has been at the core of our United Methodist conversations this year.

What you may not know is that the United Methodist Reporter is a stand alone, independent, non-profit that supports the ministries of the church but does not benefit from monies within the system. They survive because we want them to & feel they are a valuable voice in our denomination.

With all this said the times on a traditional newsprint publication are very tough. UMR has begun transitions and business practices to help itself with digital print and communications services. However, at it’s core they still want to share the news of the church.


You can help support our gold standard Independent Methodist News source by subscribing to a physical paper or digital paper for $26, or less, a year.

Yes, for less than a family meal out you can subscribe to UMR and do your part in helping to ensure that we have a cutting edge independent news source.

Order a Years Worth of Reporter Papers for $26

Order a Years Worth of Digital Editions of Reporter Papers for $20

Disclosure: As I, Gavin, write this letter to you today. I am a standing member of the Board of Directors for UMR. Let me be clear that my petition here is to encourage our Methoblog and Methodist community in supporting a voice that we all benefit from. I get no financial gain from any subscription. Your support goes to the staff at all levels from paper press operators to Sam who leads the news reporting team. Even if you do not plan on reading the papers yourself, order one or two and take to church as coffee table placement and know that you are just chipping in for the greater good. That is what I do.

If You Are Curious

The image at the top of this page is a large portrait hanging in the UMR offices. It is from the early days of UMR when it was the Texas Christian Advocate (and a few other names in the mix of that history). What I found fascinating was the cutting edge nature of rolling a printing press around from town to town to share the news. Crazy Methodists. It would take a bigger horse drawn wagon to do this today. The ethos of that early ‘getting out’ and sharing the news is more present now than it has been in decades. I would hope we all see that and support it so it stays part of our present and not part of our historic past.

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Nov 05 2012

The MethoBlog Top Ten

Earlier today I received an e-mail from a friend at another site who was trying to identify the top United Methodist related bloggers. While I frankly don’t know how representative the MethoBlog is of all of United Methodism, we DO compile some 300 sites here, and as such should be able to massage our numbers to identify the most read United Methodist bloggers on our site.

SO, in what I hope will be a regular yearly occurence, here are the top 10 MethoBloggers for the past 365 days based on the number of click-thrus to their sites. We chose to remove the news service sites ( and UMR) as they naturally get a lot of hits, as well as aggregator sites like UM-Insight since it basically republishes other’s material, so the names listed here represent individual bloggers.

1)  John Meunier (

2) Jay Voorhees (
3) Richard Hall (
4) Wes Magruder (
5) Craig Adams (
6) Barefoot Preacher (
9) Cloaked Monk (
Congrats to all listed above for their fine work. In the comments below, why don’t you list your personal top ten list of the United Methodist related blogs you read the most.

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Aug 27 2012

300 Served…

We are pleased to announce with the addition of the General Board of Higher Ed. feed that we are now serving up 300 sites through the MethoBlog. We hope that having a central place for keeping up with Methodist related blogging and news is helpful for you. Thanks for being a part of this site.

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