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Nov 23 2014

Hopeful: On Word, Law and Life: Never to Forget

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Continuing my 2014 repeat of On Word, Law and Life, in response to Psalm 119.



                        Never to Forget

Never-ending words have been written in
heaven and deep in the foundation of earth;
Nothing less than eternal is this word,
written deep in my heart, etched on my soul.
Neatly in place is this word, your grace and faithfulness abound.
Nothing has toppled, even when we toppled it,
because all that matters is to be in service to our Lord.
Nevermore unhappy, but alive in the word,
I live in joy, and do not die this day in my
old, miserable way.
Never forget! Let me not forget what I once ran from–
precepts, guidance, directions to stay free–
Now free, I wrap my arms (and mind) around my new life.
Noted: toys and tools I thought I’d have
forever are ruined and long-gone,
But your word lives. My life is electric.
Not the wicked!
Not here to stop my walk down the lighted path.
Know that God doesn’t forget who he is:
His faith is everyday–he doesn’t skip any day.
Now let me count your faithful gifts to me today–
Joyful in the Word! Blessed!

(c) Tom Bolton, Tippecanoe, February 2012

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Nov 21 2014

Hopeful: Memories

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I’m celebrating memories from 2012.

Finding Home Again

Where will I find my home when I have forgotten how to walk home?
Where will I find my home when I no longer know my door?
Where will I find my home when friends have forgotten me, no longer recognize me?
Where will I find shelter when all my stories are old, and my new stories are forgotten, and
My friends connect with me only in days long gone?
The Word was always, and now, and will be.
Who will take me home when I am lost?
Who will make my bed when I lose it each morning?
Who will hug me when I have forgotten who to hug this week?
The Word will be there, in me, and shared with
Some to remember me, even to know me new.
Who will listen to my old, old stories?
Who will remind me of new adventures?
Who will warm me when my limbs are cold?
What disciple will see me then?
Who will feed when it is long since food was celebrated?
Who will sing my songs when my voice is gone?
Who will write my songs when no words come?
Will sons and daughters know me?
How many sons and daughters will recall me then?

(c) Tom Bolton, April 25, 2012, Kenosha, WI

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Nov 20 2014

Hopeful: Advent Devotional Poetry

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I will be expanding my Advent series, Devotions to Our God in the Manger, to a longer selection in 2014.  Here is a piece from week 1 in 2013.  I expect to have 5 selections for most weeks in 2014.  We will begin on November 30

A D V E N T   2 0 1 3:    D E V O T I O N S   T O   O U R   G O D   I N   T H E   M A N G E R


Week 1            Stay Awake

                       A Knock

This week, I too have heard Jesus at the door,
and the vibrations have tingled often in my chest,
and I have been aware, awake,
and I come to the door alive.
Whom do I see?
My neighbor is there, seeking missing mail;
Urban camper friends come, seeking
bus passes and warmth;
cold and lonely?
A young boy comes a calling,
seeking a small job to earn some bread;
ragged and lonely?
Christ is alive in my community,
as He was in Christmas past.
Christ is alive and He knocks on my door.
I am anxious now for a final Advent,
for all things new, but today He lives at my door.

(c) Tom Bolton, 2 December, 2013, Cathedral Square

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Nov 19 2014

Hopeful: Alone

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Upon Matthew 25:46, walking.

Lake Michigan at South Shore Milwaukee

                  Alone and Frost

Fresh, deep-edged crystals frost the tall, emerald blades,
as I walk to greet Him this morning.
I am alone.
Alone as the first one, and Christ alone,
and I alone here.
This rhythm of life,
repeating again about me,
withdrawal and activism,
community and loneliness,
energy restores.
Loneliness comes upon us and with us.
And then again, we anticipate new fellowship too.

(c) 22 October 2013, Tom Bolton, on the South Shore

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Nov 16 2014

Hopeful: My Life New

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These are my verses in response to Psalm 119.  I am repeating a stanza each Sunday as we approach the end of 2014.


                   My Soul Aches to be Refreshed

My soul seemed weak for so long as I waited
for you–or did you wait for me?
My eyes were straining, bulging and blood-shot from looking
far and deep; I ask you again: How do I obey?
May I not be hung out to dry, not
bursting as I am hung out in the heat of the day.
Move me from this brittle reality, these
tough times I built up in my life.
Make me joyful in your word, blessed!
Joyfully blessed!
Joyful in God’s word!
Much persecuted, I complain anew, but help me!
May I still not abandon your guiding wisdom.
Make my life new, God-of-Mercy,
Make me fresh and new,
May I obey.
May I still obey your commandments,
even when I complicate them beyond the simple.
Merciful God, make my life new today.

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, Feb 2012

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Nov 09 2014

Hopeful: Prayer

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I am continuing my repeat of On Word, Law and Life, a devotional poem based on Psalm 119.



                       Let Me Pray

Loudly I speak of you, God-of-Grace; let me
Live in your word, learning your commands.
Leavened by your word and your commandments,
Let my hope shine and show your word in me.

Listening to these words, we see that they are true;
Listening, may we learn!
Lord, I pray, let your grace and mercy surround me.
Let me be comforted and be a comfort too.

Let your joy be strong and cradle my soul, and
let me be happy too.
Let me see sinners in failure when they miss the mark, and
Let not the righteous die a hundred deaths.
Lead us, as we join together to study your word,
to your comfortable place, God-of-Grace.
Let me examine my own heart,
Let me be honest and straight; fill me with real
integrity today.

(c) Tom Bolton, February 2012

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