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Sep 14 2014

Hopeful: Commanded

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The third stanza from my 2012 meditation on Psalm 119:

Psalm 119

        Commanded, Living Free

Commanded to live, keep me free, alive, awash in Your Word, cleansed in Your Word,
Cleansed, clinging to Commandments, relationships freed, miracles clearly seen.  script
Clinging, clawing my way through this strange New World, keep me, hold me in Your Word.
My soul clamors, longing for Your Word, even when I jerk to deny, clamoring for Your Word.
Condemned, firm in the center, encircled in me, we, greedy ones, circle around, condemned, away from Your Word.
Aware, and back, and in Your Command,
Contempt burns me, and faltering I come back.
Contempt around me, I seize the Word,
alive and aware, alive in Your Word.
Clearly these Words guide me, alive, with joy,
At peace, mes amis, alive in Your Word. Amen.
Condemned, away from the Word, was Esau hated, or away–simply away–away from the Word?

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, January 2012

I’m planning to repeat a stanza each Sunday for the rest of 2014.

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Sep 12 2014

Hopeful: A Miracle Grow Ad

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A devotion from August 2013

               All Together


Some days, these snippets, these taught verses
Boost me up and make me smug.
But I step back and see that it is all one–
–One work that I hold to teach and train me–
–Breathed by God, complete to complete me.
I would be whole,
I yearn to be complete,
I ache to be filled by the Spirit of God.
I set aside some sack of penny candies,
the delights that I have sucked and crunched
so often through days.
I grab hold of the balanced tray,
a meal to nourish and correct me.
My sweet tooth, polished;
I feel energy throughout fresh muscles.
Grow me in your Word.

(c) Tom Bolton, 16 August 2013, Milwaukee

On 2 Timothy 3:16-17

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Sep 11 2014

Hopeful: Morning Glory Offshoots

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Here is the latest Newsletter of Mineral Street Programs and Services, as written by our Director, Lisa Hernandez:

Mineral Street Programs and Services, Inc.
~~Cultivating healthy individuals, healthy families, for a healthy community.~~
September 2014
With the start of fall we can expect changes. It happens every year. Sometimes we are ready for it and other times we wish it was still summer. The same is true with Mineral Street Programs and Services (MSPS) and our Morning Glory Ministry (MGM). With the closing of Iglesia Trinidad, we know changes are coming. We do not know at this time what we can expect but we do know something is going to change.

There are many exciting new opportunities that await us. One includes working with another ministry in the area. But right now we cannot move too far ahead without knowing if we are going to be able to stay in our current building or for how long. Although it is tempting to wish that things would not have changed or to reminisce about the “good old days,” it is helpful to remember why we started this ministry to begin with. And so we are still moving ahead.

There once was a quiet man that would come to Morning Glory and eat his breakfast. He would work the crossword puzzles in the newspaper and would hardly say a word to anyone. Getting him to even say hello or make small talk was challenging. But we never gave up letting him know that we cared about him and God did too. Today, this same man comes bounding down the stairs to greet us. He tells stories of how he and his kids are doing. He has a smile on his face and tells us weekly how grateful he is that we are there. He is so grateful, in fact, that he tries to do his part and donates what little he has. It is the small things like the smile on his face that let us know that we have reached out made a difference to him. We know he is comfortable and able to share with us and we too are able to share with him. That is what it is about: not only meeting physical needs, but also building relationships and spreading the word of God.

There are many more stories like this and I hope to be able to tell you more with each newsletter.

So how can you help?

• First and foremost as always is to pray. Pray that we are able to make an agreement to use/purchase the building. Pray for the people of the community that they may hear and feel the love of God and may also accept Him.

• Second, come and volunteer. MGM is open every Saturday from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. As we start new programs more volunteers will be needed. We will also need help with maintaining the building, such as cutting the grass and removing snow from the sidewalks, as well as anything else that may be needed.

• Third, support us financially. Checks can be made out to MSP&S and mailed to Tri-City National Bank; 4295 West Bradley Road; Brown Deer, WI 53209; ATTN: Penny Tillman

• If you are interested in being a board member and are a contractor, realtor, or lawyer we would love your help.

May God Bless you and this Ministry,

Lisa Hernandez
Morning Glory Director/MSPS Clerk

Visit our website at: and see what we are about and different ways to get involved.

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Sep 09 2014

Hopeful: I l l u m i n e d

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Psalm 119:105



My life is seen here, illumined for me and all.
It is here that I see ahead and most clearly see back.
It is here that the light shines all around,
From Within, and from above,
And clearly all around.
It is here that I feel the warmth of the light,
My path shown to me.
It is in this place that I am in lock-step,
No longer alone.
The light is always and yet here.

© Tom Bolton, 8 September 2014, Milwaukee


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Sep 08 2014

Hopeful: Blessed in the Word

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This was the second stanza of my meditation on Psalm 119, which I started in December 2011. I finished in Spring 2012 and I have periodically been drawn back to this piece over the past few years.

Psalm 119
                                              B. Blessed in the Way
Born pure, we young struggle and rot, seeking pristine purity, blessed in the Way, this  ScriptureWord.
Breathing in this book, this blessed, blessed Word,
I try, try, try to stay on the narrow path, teetering, tending my weak joints, buckling.
Braving this world, my heart beating, awash in Your Word,
Let me be right and pure today, blessed.
Blessed be your name, O Lord, I thank you, blessed to learn the law that I resist. Yes, I resist.
Beating your Word across my tongue, across my mouth,
Blessed to remember, to repeat, to recall.
Joy in the Word, Blessed!
Joy in the Word.
Beguiled in the reflection of your Word, blessed by your Way.
Bejeweled in your journal, your Word close at hand. Blessed Amen!
(c) Tom Bolton, Tippecanoe, 10 December 2011
I’m planning to repeat a stanza each Sunday for the rest of 2014.

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Sep 02 2014

Hopeful: Peace

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In morning devotion:


                            At Peace Now

At peace this bright July morning,
Green grass as deep green and fragrant as I can recall,
The sky clear and welcoming me,
The lake crystalline and deep azure,
I fear nothing today.
At peace this beautiful day,
Cardinals speaking calmly across my garden,
Mosquitoes away from me,
The air crisp and warm, dry on my face and neck,
I am filled with my master today,
I am at peace now.
I look ahead and see things that take my breath away;
Gems and pearls shine in the sun,
But never impress me.
It is the master alone.
Precious metals never move me.
I have heard a voice say,
“Blessed are those who die in the Master.”
I am at peace.
The doors are open,
And the path is clear.
I am at peace now.

© Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, July 15, 2013

Contemplating Revelation

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