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Sep 28 2014

Hopeful: Elevated

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The fifth stanza from my 2012 meditation on Psalm 119:

Psalm 119

Elevated, Enlightened

ScriptureEnough! Again enough! Educated in your laws, I obey them to the end. Endless.
Enlighten me each day; fill my mind gently, and I will hold your heavenly edicts in my heart.
Encircling this earthly tabernacle on this rolling path, I am giddy now; keep me joyful, heavenly one.
Enjoying the rich, enriching edicts of your word, ground me, keep me here,
Ensnared not by these get-rich-quick schemes so frequent here.
Joy in the Word, Blessed!
Joy in your Word.
Entrust your word to me, deep in me, so that I can understand fear, and even then, love you.
Even now these harsh words of too many are drenching me, but
Evasion of word-heaps comes easily, secure in your righteous regulations.
Entering the quiet, cocoon space of your guidance, hearing your word deep in me,
Entering new life, I am right.

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, January 2012


I’m reposting one stanza every month until the end of 2014.

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Sep 27 2014

Hopeful: Thank You Today

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Tom Bolton:

Re-blogging a poem I still enjoy

Originally posted on Hopeful:

Repeating a poem that I have liked.

Abba, Thank You Today

Abba, Abba, how I missed you,
Even as you were by me all the time.
In your presence, you are so large, so great,
so much like when I was a very young one.
Your Name shines everywhere, every day.
You fill me up each day.
You pick me up each day.
You embrace me each day as I accept your presence.
How great is your presence here today each time we invite you in,
Each time we open our eyes to see,
Each time we listen and hear you.
Sometimes your words are so hard for me to hear,
So hard to understand,
The Greek so formal, the Aramaic so new yet intimate.
I listen today in new ways.
You bring me daily bread, protein and bulk to
feed me all day and night.
Untie, for sure, the…

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Sep 22 2014

Hopeful: Happy Hobbit Week

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Sep 21 2014

Hopeful: Sons and Daughter

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I was struggling with some things in September 2012, but it was a joy to have both sons and my daughter-in-law at home on Friday and Saturday and some of Sunday. I was blessed by their presence.


         Loving My Sons

I rejoiced this week,
Even as I was stressed by family concerns
away from home,
As sons and daughter came home to
Care and be cared for.
The laughter lifted me.
The simple meals shared at one table strengthened me.
The times simply together restored my joy.
I was blessed this week
By sons and a daughter now at home.

(c) Tom Bolton, 9/4/2012, Milwaukee

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Sep 21 2014

Hopeful: Decreed for Life

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The fourth stanza from my 2012 meditation on Psalm 119:

Psalm 119

           Decreed to Live

Death, I am close to death.
Down, I am so down some days. Give me new life.
Done, it is done, and I told you all that I have done, and I am excited–you answered.    ScriptureDecreed to live, teach me the decrees.
Decrees do escape me today. Will you teach me gently?
Do not dumb it down as I reflect on today’s miracles.
Drowning in my own tears, can it be? Down, down, grant me strength.
Divert my wandering eyes from idols of the world. Delight me in surprising ways with the Word. Yes, surprise me.
Descending not low, not now, I rise up in new height, with these decrees of life.
Dragging my Bible with me everywhere these days, digging in the decrees, keep me righteous Lord; don’t embarrass me.
Delighted, I am delighted when I understand your word. Not demands so much, your decrees work through me–my partner.


(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, January 2012


Psalm 119 too

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Sep 14 2014

Hopeful: Commanded

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The third stanza from my 2012 meditation on Psalm 119:

Psalm 119

        Commanded, Living Free

Commanded to live, keep me free, alive, awash in Your Word, cleansed in Your Word,
Cleansed, clinging to Commandments, relationships freed, miracles clearly seen.  script
Clinging, clawing my way through this strange New World, keep me, hold me in Your Word.
My soul clamors, longing for Your Word, even when I jerk to deny, clamoring for Your Word.
Condemned, firm in the center, encircled in me, we, greedy ones, circle around, condemned, away from Your Word.
Aware, and back, and in Your Command,
Contempt burns me, and faltering I come back.
Contempt around me, I seize the Word,
alive and aware, alive in Your Word.
Clearly these Words guide me, alive, with joy,
At peace, mes amis, alive in Your Word. Amen.
Condemned, away from the Word, was Esau hated, or away–simply away–away from the Word?

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, January 2012

I’m planning to repeat a stanza each Sunday for the rest of 2014.

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