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Jan 27 2015

Hopeful: Transfigured

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Tom Bolton:

Preparing for Easter anew!

Originally posted on Hopeful:

Reflecting on Matt 7: 1-13 and Luke 9: 28-36

Passing Through the Cloud

I too hiked up that mountain, following the master,
and I stayed just outside of that thick cloud for too long.
I listened and I was assured.
The father told me to listen.
[Some days it is hard to just listen.
I can’t listen;
 words come out of my own mouth too fast.]  tranf3
Eight years I journeyed from the first words,
and I rejoiced at the mountain.
Here I am Lord; speak only to me.
In the dazzling white, I came to listen.
Moses and Elijah guide me some ways,
But Jesus speaks when I am awake.
Some days I am so afraid in the cloud.
 Still, let me enter the cloud each day.
I stay silent and listen.
 Let me be prepared. Teach me lord.
 I would still be prepared to tell the story!
Here on this…

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Jan 22 2015

Hopeful: Prayer for Silence

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Tom Bolton:

A beautiful entry to prayer.

Originally posted on A Pastor's Thoughts:

silence centeringJesus our peace, if our lips keep silence, our heart listens to you and also speaks to you. And you say to each one of us: surrender yourself in all simplicity to the life of the Holy Spirit; and with that surrender we may know you in a superlative way. Lord help me to observe a sacred silence. AMEN

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Jan 19 2015

Hopeful: In the Dark

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Upon Psalm 17

In This Dark

In this dark, we are afraid and we grieve;
we feel alone and we are lost.
Children die in paths to prosperity,
passengers perish in civilian planes,
and homeless friends hunger.
There is peace somewhere, and peace to come.
And there is justice.
As for me today, I open my eyes again.
Make me right.

(c) Tom Bolton, Milwaukee, 20 July 2014


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Jan 16 2015

Hopeful: Waves Circling Me

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Tom Bolton:

Last week, I re-blogged five of my posts that received the most hits in 2014. This week, I am re-blogging 5 of my poems that most pleased me in 2014. Waves Circling Me was a repeat from 2012! I liked it again in 2014.

Originally posted on Hopeful:

I’m sharing a poem from March 2012.

The Waves Do Circle Me

I hear new waves this morning
Splashing on the shore not as warning,
But waves splashing on my soul,
Calming me, lifting my spirit full.
Jesus loved to be at his lake,
And at my Lake Michigan I am fully awake.
Crowds passing me, and the water breaking at the pier,
I have left dull sadness behind, sunny waves flushing my fear.

In this community of Christ’s disciples, support circles me in waves.
I am uplifted by folks who have been with me for days and days.
Support comes in waves.
Spirit holds me; He saves.
Shepherded by disciples who hold me,
And let me look through many eyes to see,
My spirit leaps, and I am lifted high,
Joy fills my dull senses, and I reach to the sky.

I am blessed by new waves.

© Tom Bolton…

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Jan 15 2015

Hopeful: At Always, God

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Tom Bolton:

Last week, I re-blogged four of my posts that received the most hits in 2014. This week, I am re-blogging 4 of my poems that most pleased me in 2014.. At Always, God has been a favorite!

Originally posted on Hopeful:

Contemplating 1 Peter 4:19 in the New English Translation (NET Bible)

So then let those who suffer according to the will of God entrust their souls to a faithful Creator as they do good.


At Always, God

In the beginning, it is God.
Creator of beauty and mysteries
that startle us each day,
it is God who makes us, and
makes life and beauty so grand.

Starting our lives fresh and clean,
with that smell of baby hair,
it is God who labors to make us love,
who loves us to accept us,
to gracefully embrace us.

In the sun, as we grow and move,
it is in the son, where we feel
the light, and see in the light, and
too often head off into the shade,
and the light yet shines around us.

In the light now we grow,
and daily we yearn to know,
and in the…

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Jan 14 2015

Hopeful: Devotions to Our God in the Manger: Joy of the Redeemed

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Tom Bolton:

Last week, I re-blogged four of my posts that received the most hits in 2014. This week, I am re-blogging 4 of my poems that most pleased me in 2014. I added Joy of the Redeemed to the third week of my Advent Devotional series this year. This poem, based on Isaiah 35 was a favorite as I was writing it and I have been blessed when I re-read it.

Originally posted on Hopeful:

A D V E N T  2 0 1 4:    D E V O T I O N S   T O   O U R   G O D   I N   T H E   M A N G E R

Week 3                                                                                                            Redeemed

Isaiah 35:1


 Joy of the Redeemed

I believe, I believe, I believe,
and I am giddy in joy,
warm and excitable this day.
Today my longing is deepened, my
search for home more lively.
Hope thrives in the wilderness,
my dreams made new each day,
God waiting for me in the stillness,
the stillness awakening me.
My smallest concern is in this wilderness,
Jesus my comforter.
I am a partner in hope,
Let peace begin with me,
shared through me.
I have surrendered my cluttered thoughts,
awake in joy–
Joy in redemption.
God heals the world,
and I walk gently in the way of Christ’s peace,

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