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Sep 19 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: Justice Just Ain’t Fair!

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The Kingdom of Heaven and Earth is like a landowner who drives his pick-up into town before dawn to where migrants and immigrants hang out waiting for work.

They agree upon a fair day’s wage, and he drives them out into the fields and puts them to work. By noon, it is clear to him that he is going to need more workers, so he drives back into town to get some more. They were very grateful because it was beginning to look like their families were going to go hungry that night. The workers were making good progress, but he saw that he wasn’t going to be able to get all of the crop in, so he went back to town mid afternoon and again in late afternoon to get the last of the desperate men and women.

They worked into the twilight, but finally brought in the last of the crop. He was very grateful for their hard work for him, and made sure his manager paid them right away. Soon, grumbling could be heard among the people. Those who had worked the longest noticed that everyone was being paid the same! That’s not fair!

The farmer spoke to them: “Why are you angry? I did not take any of your money away from you to give to them. It is my money to spend however I want to. It is my right to do so. Does my generosity offend you? Take what I gave you and go home.

The last are the first, and the first are the last; all then are the first and the last – all are alpha and omega.

(From Matthew 20:1-16)

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Sep 17 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: Hate Is Poisonous.

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Jonah hated them more than he had ever hated anything in his life. His hate burned with a righteous fire, a fire he though of as holy and purifying flame. It stabbed at his heart to have to give them an opportunity to repent – every fiber of his being wanted their entire race exterminated. At least he could be comforted by the certain knowledge that there was no way on Earth that this rich and powerful City would change its greedy ways!

God saw that they did in fact truly repent, and changed his mind. Jonah’s anger grew even hotter, and he started to scream at God: “THIS IS NOT RIGHT! THIS IS WHY I DID NOT WANT TO COME HERE AND PREACH! I KNEW YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE BALLS FOR THIS! YOU HEARD ME! GO AHEAD AND KILL ME! I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD THAT HAS PEOPLE LIKE THEM IN IT!”

The Lord answered him with the calm voice of a peaceful stream: “We saved many today, you and I – why are you angry?”

Jonah stomped off into the hills. He made a shelter overlooking the City and waited. “Surely, God would soon see that he had screwed up. They would show their true colors, and I will be proven right!” he thought to himself.

It was a crappy little shelter, and God saw that Jonah was suffering in the sun. Secretly during the night, God raised up a shrub to shade Jonah. Jonah sat in comfort the next day and was not as angry. But the day after that, God took the shrub away. Jonah, refused to budge. He just sat there and continued to sulk, thinking: “I would be better off dead!”

God spoke again to Jonah: “Why are you angry? You were unable to build adequate shelter for yourself. So I gave it to you, but then changed my mind and took it back. You did not create the City either – I did. It is mine to take or give as I see fit. You say you are angry about the destruction of the little shrub? Shouldn’t you be angrier about the destruction of thousands and thousands of lives in the City?”

(From Jonah 3:10-4:11)

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Sep 15 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: Change now! Change back!

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It started in the parking lot, but moved insidiously inside – the congregation did not like the new Pastor! The Church Council felt the need to address the issue, so they had a meeting behind the backs of the Pastor and the Lay Leader. Something had to be done, or the church would die! They longed for the 60s when the church was booming. They wanted change – they wanted to change back.

The Council Chair sat in the Pastor’s office: “We’re bleeding money and losing members. Our money should have been invested so that we could accumulate a nest egg to build a new church in the future. You have implemented none of the programs that we asked you to. We do not like your sermons. We can’t understand you when you stutter. We are asking the District Superintendent for a new Pastor as soon as possible.” It was pointless for the Pastor to defend herself.

She went home that night and prayed for guidance. God spoke into her void: “So, they want to be rich and popular? They are children who only know what they want, not what they need. I will show them mercy, and make them truly rich. I will test them with affluence.”

Next Sunday during the service, the Pastor said: “You will learn where your salvation comes from – it is not from this building. You will see that God does not fit in the box you built with these ornamented walls. He has heard your complaints against me, and asks you: ‘Who are you?’ You want to be successful? He will make you fat and happy – how is that for punishment for your complaints against Him? When you complain about me, you complain about the Spirit working through me – you complain about God.”

The Pastor then handed the service over to me, the Lay Leader. “Throw open these heavy doors. Go outside into the street.” We did, and there we saw the glory of God all about us! We fell to our knees and bowed our stiff necks in shame.

The Pastor then heard prayer in her soul: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Give us each day our daily bread…” Each day after that, the people were abundantly nourished by God’s grace with the gifts of Flesh and Living Bread.

But they did not understand it.

(Taken from Exodus 16:2-15)

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Sep 12 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: To Infinity and Beyond!

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Peter understood that they were to turn the other cheek and forgive others who hurt them. But what about those people that hurt you over and over again? Where do you draw the line? Peter thought he understood where Jesus was coming from: “Are we to forgive someone an infinite number of times?”  He was therefor surprised when the Master said: “no.”

Jesus continued: “Not infinity, but infinity times infinity!”

Jesus expanded upon this: “A queen was going to sell a debtor into slavery as was his due and her right. The debtor pled for his freedom. The queen took pity on him, and forgave all his debts to the kingdom. After he was released, he went straight to a man that he had loaned money (the money that he had first borrowed from the queen’s bank) and demanded immediate payment or he would break his knee-caps!

This person asked for more time to make his repayment, but his plea was rejected by the loan-shark and he was thrown into debtor’s prison (after being roughed-up). Others saw this injustice, and lifted it up before the queen, who summoned the man whom she had just set free.

‘I released you from the burden of your debt because you asked for my mercy! Shouldn’t you have in turn forgiven the debt of the person that you loaned my money to?’ Full of wrath, the queen turned the man over to the dungeon-keeper to be tortured until his debt was repaid in full. In other words, his future was in the hands of the man that he had just beaten and  had imprisoned for owing him money!”

Jesus then looked through each of their eyes deep into their souls: “The same could happen to you.”

(Based upon Matthew 18:21-35)


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Sep 10 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: Hospitality Has No Motives.

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Yes, you should embrace those whom you think to be weak in faith – but not for the purpose of showing them up or forcing your own faith upon them! Do not try to make yourselves look wise, nor try to make them feel dumb. We each believe, interpret, and act differently as we need: some are omnivores; some are vegans. It is not important what we each believe, but that we each believe strongly and act upon those beliefs without hypocrisy. You have no standing to judge those who believe differently than you. God judges their way relative to His Way, and they shall stand or fall in time accordingly.

Stand firm in your own beliefs, but at the same time honor the beliefs others hold. We do not live in isolation, nor do we die alone. We all live and die by God’s will, therefor we are all His. Christ died and Christ rose that he may rule both the living and the dead – how can you then think that it is you who must judge and change others? It is written that allpeople worship God! Look to your own faith for that is all you control, that is all you will be held accountable for.

(Romans 14:1-12 retold)

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Sep 08 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: The Death of Empire.

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The Spirit moved to the fore of the Hebrew tribes as a fire to lead them through the wilderness, while God stood behind them as a cloud. God stood between His people and their enemies. The cloud was Light and illuminated the night sky – the armies of Egypt did not approach the escaped slaves.

Moses stretched out his hands over the water trapping them. A wind from the cloud blew all night. By morning, there was dry ground before the fleeing people. Following the Spirit, Moses led the people into the canyon between high cliffs of water in the soft predawn light. The cloud dispersed and let the Egyptians charge forward into the sea’s breach.

But then, the fire and the cloud appeared before the mass of chariots and spooked the horses, causing chaos within the narrow confines of the water trench. The wheels of the war machines became heavy and clogged with mud, and the soldiers tried to flee in fear.

As the sun rose, God directed Moses to again raise his hands upon the waters to release the pent up sea. The walls collapsed, and the sea swallowed its victims. The mighty Pharaoh and his troops were no more. But the walls stood before the people of God as they continued on.

When those who followed Moses reached the far side, they turned and saw in awe what had happened to the hunters they had so feared the night before. They learned to be in awe of God’s power, grace, and justice. They once again believed in God, and trusted in Moses – for a while…

(Retelling of Exodus 14:19-31)

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