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Jan 27 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 27 – The Ocean was Angry my Friends…

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ocean Today’s Reading 2 Kings 4:38 – 2 Kings 15:26

We don’t always get it right. We try…we really really do. Yet, time and time again we find ourselves falling short. Intentions are one thing but actions are what we often use to judge others and ourselves. Take for instance the weather forecasters.

All throughout the Northeast, we were told to prepare for w Winter Storm that would being devastating. All throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey, travel bans were enacted, schools were closed, and businesses were shut down as people prepared to fight off the blizzard. I woke up this morning and saw nothing like I expected.

The roads are pretty clear. The travel bans are being lifted and soon life will go back to normal. They tried, they really really did. they just missed this forecast. Now I know, there are parts of New England that will be continued to be blasted snow wise. Yet for a large part of the area that was supposed to be impacted we escaped the storm.

Some of the Israelite kings tried as well. We read today of a few that really did try to follow the laws of God. Yet we are reminded that they ignored some areas, often times the altars in the high places that were used to sacrifice to other gods. Those places were often still in use and while the kings didn’t notice them God did. They perhaps were trying to be men of integrity but were falling short.

What places in our lives are we missing? Are there areas in our life that we are ignoring while we focus in on other things? What can we do about that? Is there trouble looming for us in the high places of our lives?

Take some time today while you are snowed in, if you are, and do some self-evaluation. Try and identify those area in your life that you may be lying to yourself about. For Seinfeld Fans, we may remember the many exploits of George Costanza. His failure to really see himself and not be a man of integrity often put himself in bad spots.

Don’t let the angry oceans swirl in your life. Don’t let the high areas go unattended.

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Jan 26 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 26 – And then there was snow!

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Today’s Reading 1 Kings 16:21 – 1 Kings 4:37

This picture is my view from the balcony of my room in Long Branch this morning. I am gathered with many colleagues for the Bishop’s convocation for the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. This will be a time of learning and fellowship for us over the next couple of days. We are gathering together as the world around us prepares for a storm of epic proportion (according to the weather forecasts).

We will be talking about the “coach approach to ministry”. Learning how to come alongside the laity and help them uncover their gifts and passions for helping God transform the world. Sounds interesting and sounds like it may be a good way to help people find the story they are being called to tell. I am looking forward to it.

It seems as if this approach to ministry is similar to what we read about in the chapters of the Bible this morning. The relationship of Elijah and Elisha can be seen as one of a “coach approach to ministry”. Elijah is walking with Elisha and helping him see God’s call. Elisha is also discovering his own uniques set of God given gifts.

It seems as if real ministry and effective ministry can happen when the people of God are spending time listening to and being in communication with each other in an effort to seek God’s will.

Be safe. Be warm. Spend time with God.

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Jan 25 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 25 – The Siege Continues

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Today’s Reading 1 Kings 7:38 – 1 Kings 16:20

Can you imagine what it is like for Cameron Fleming? What you don’t know who he is? Well he is a rookie lineman for the New England Patriots. He has probably had dreams his whole life to get into the Super Bowl and his first year he made it. What an accomplishment!

However, for the last week I am sure he hasn’t had much celebration happening. He has found himself embroiled in “Deflategate”. From all media accounts he is part of the Evil Empire. Every newscast he sees and every newspaper he reads is wall to wall coverage of his team and the scandal. I bet he is getting tired of it already.

Who can blame him really?  All your life you work and train to get to a point and the memory is being tarnished. I thought a lot about Cameron Fleming the last day or so and a whole bunch of other nameless and faceless Patriots. The focus is so intense that I almost feel bad for those players and I can’t STAND the Patriots.

Let’s be honest for a second, whether the deflating of balls is the Patriots doing or not, people like Cameron Fleming had nothing to do with it. Yet, his reputation could be impacted by whatever is decided. Is it fair? Nope. Is it reality? Yup. So what do we take from it?

When I read today’s reading I couldn’t help but think of the nameless and faceless Israelites. King after King directed the people away from God. We look at that period of Israelite history as a time when the people turned from God. That unfaithfulness becomes their heritage and their legacy. Yet, God’s words remind us of something very important.

God held the kings responsible as he did Jehu. those who lead and teach are called to do so as God leads them. They are called to live lives beyond reproach. They are called to help raise up a generation of people committed to God and changing the world. We are all human and we all sin. However, leaders more than any other, are called to repent and look not for their own gain but God’s glory to be done.

Maybe Bill Belicheck needs to think about the Cameron Flemings of the world a little more. Maybe we all do.

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Jan 24 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 24 – On this Episode of All My children

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Today’s Reading 2 Samuel 22:19 – 1 Kings 7:37

You remember her don’t you? For decades she ran amok all throughout Pine Valley. It did not matter whether you were her friend or self pronounced foe. What Erica Kane wanted it seemed Eric Kane would get. She loved hard and hated harder. She tried to being a little glamour to family dysfunction.

Make no mistake there was a lot of dysfunction. Perhaps that was part of the appeal of shows like All My children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital (can you tell I was an ABC Soap guy). These shows brought some excitement and intrigue to what we all know is petty strife and family discord. We could see ourselves in the struggle and we root for people like Erica Kane, Adam Chandler, or Monica Quartermaine to dispense needed justice.

We eventually all learn that life is not Soap Opera, or is it? Reading these chapters in the bible this morning, I was reminded of Pine Valley, Llanview, and Port Charles and the problems those families had. The chapters this morning were about power, pride, and money. They spoke to the lengths people would go to to get what they wanted.

Whether we are reading the bile or watching soap operas, I think we need to remember a few things. The first, that no matter what people matter more than stuff. It seems as if we get caught up too easily in a generation long exercise in “money rules”. Jesus has an answer for that. The second, that people always matter more than things. We were created to be in relationship with each other not to gather things.

As I read those chapters, I was encouraged by God’s faithfulness. I was struck by Solomon’s desire for wisdom. I was also reminded that even faithful people like Solomon do dumb things. So my goal today, don’t do too many dumb things.

Not Erica Kane worthy… but I will take it!

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Jan 23 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 23 – Save Me from myself

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Today’s Reading 2 Samuel 12:11 – 2 Samuel 22:18

Nathan’s words to David that we talked about yesterday, changed David’s outlook and behavior. However, there were still lots of consequences for David’s actions. David’s family was going to implode. Their was going to be widening cracks apparent in the people of Israel as well. We see all this playing out in the chapters from today.

God forgives of that there is no doubt. What we need to understand is that often times our behavior carries with it consequences that we might not really want to deal with. So what do we do? How do we stop bad things from happening? How do we respond when faced with bad circumstances of our own doing?

Give Thanks – God is with us and will not leave us.

No matter what we are going through, God will be with us.This brings assurance and peace.

Evaluate – What decision of actions of ours have led to this circumstance

Understanding what brought us to this place can help us avoid certain decisions or actions in the future.

Respond – Pray and Act.

Bathe everything in prayer. Seek guidance from God. Follow that up with action. Do something. It does not have to be something to “fix” or “correct” anything. Just focus in on making some change.

We all make mistakes. We all do dumb things. The reality is we all need God to save us and often keep saving us from ourselves. Accepting that we are not perfect and accepting that we are not superheroes is an important step. Humbling ourselves before God and seeking guidance is an even better one.

Dear God…save me from me. Amen.

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Jan 22 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: 22 Days in – Who is your Nathan?

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Today’s Reading1 Samuel 28:20 – 2 Samuel 12:10

I am sitting in Starbucks this morning and getting ready to go to class. I will sit with my cohort this morning and we will question each other and challenge each other. We will share our journey and the progress of our project. When we are done we will then accept the critique of others.

Will it be easy? Of course not, but it will be necessary. We have travelled with these people for almost three years. We have shared together and struggled together. We trust each other. So we will listen. So we will learn.

We all need people in our lives who will hold us accountable when we are straying off course. We need people who we trust to instruct and correct us when needed. Those people are vital in our lives. When the correction happens, we also need to humbly listen and accept what is being said.

David needed Nathan. I need my cohort. I need my wife. I need friends who can do that.

Who is your Nathan?

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