Oct 20 2014

Seedbed: 12 Things I Learned in My First 12 Months of Marriage

What did you learn in your first year of marriage? Marriage is a huge life adjustment, and the transition can be a difficult one. In this article, Andrew Dragos shares 12 things he’s learned from his experience of joy, blessings, and challenges.

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Oct 20 2014

Sacredise: Allegiances

There is a beautiful, poetic symmetry in the synoptic Gospels as they describe Jesus’ ministry. At the beginning Jesus faces three famous tests by the adversary, and at the end he faces three great challenges by the religious leaders. There is a strong resonance between the temptations in the wilderness and the traps set by […]

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Oct 20 2014

Begin Again: Mindful Monday: Rain for the Spirit

Lingering in Happiness After rain after many days without rain, it stays cool, private and cleansed, under the trees, and the dampness there, married now to gravity, falls branch to branch, leaf to leaf, down to the ground where it will disappear – but not, of course, vanish except to our eyes. The roots of…

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Oct 20 2014

The Heart Of The Matter: Karma, Slavery, And A Fish Camp — The AWOL Hero Sermon Recap

Original post at http://talbotdavis.blogspot.com/2014/10/karma-slavery-and-fish-camp-awol-hero.html Yesterday was both fun and serious, whimsical and reverent.First of all, the worship program was shaped like a comic book. Then choir led us in worship, we celebrated a bunch of babies, were treated to the second promo video (see Friday’s post), and then came this sermon about Onesimus, our second …

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Oct 19 2014

Red Chair Music: Change


That word – change – might be the scariest damn word in the English language.

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Oct 19 2014

Threads from Henry's Web: Prophecy and All Believers

We had an interesting discussion today in Sunday School. We were discussing the 3rd chapter of my book When People Speak for God, titled Messengers – God and Prophet. The questions at hand were just what is prophecy, who are God’s messengers (with a side-order of how can you tell) and how does getting a [...]

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