Apr 20 2014

A Pastor's Thoughts: An Easter Poem

The day of resurrection? Earth, tell it out abroad; The Passover of gladness, The Passover of God. From death to life eternal, From this world to the sky, Our Christ hath brought us over With hymns of victory. Now let … Continue reading

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Apr 20 2014

Seedbed: Sunday Best: Legal Adultery, Christian Russia, Re-segregation

Dale M. Coulter reflects on Holy Saturday and how to understand Christ’s descent into hell. The Economist covers how after 223 years New Hampshire is about to make […]

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Apr 20 2014

UMR: Wesley Bros: The Fantastic Quadrilateral Part 5

Click picture to display in full screen mode I really love William Joseph Seymour, and he only made a guest appearance once before in the strip. I love him because he took the holiness of Wesleyan teaching and really reconnected it to a passionate religion of the heart.  In a time when the revivalism and […]

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Psalm 98 (Vigil)

Year A – Easter Vigil or Hopeless Hope Vigil
April 19/20, 2014
And so we begin to hum a new song. A bit of meter, a heard tonality comes around. No words but music begins. Sort of like the sea with gentle lapping and thumping breakers. Sort of like a misty rain and drenching monsoon. Sort of like a meadow breeze and mountain gale.
A new song will probably mean many shifts. Judgment, even on the basis of righteousness and equity will have to be rethought. The whole atonement business will finally go bankrupt. There are more things that will have to go. What is not so clear is what the results of a new song will be. About all that is sure is that another vigil will be needed when these new shifts grow old and confining. So we are dealing with the latest new song, not a final new song.
See, hope is creeping back in. There might be more after this more. How’d that happen?

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Zephaniah 3:14-20 (Vigil)

Year A – Easter Vigil or Hopeless Hope Vigil
April 19/20, 2014
Judgment removed. 
With it gone, enemies are, what, also removed? 
With judgment no longer on the table, what happens to the enemy known as myself?
Now, perhaps, “fortune” can be rediscovered. Creed and culture have defined meaning for so long, it will be a new birth to look again for “fortune”—Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin fortuna; akin to Latin fort-, fors chance, luck, and perhaps to ferre to carry — more at bear.
There are no straight lines with this sort of fortune. We are to deal with what comes our way as best we can at the time. This means bearing much that can’t be sorted out or understood.
There is no final measure to some absolute good fortune or relative to anyone else. If chance and luck and bearing up are what lies ahead, it will be important to have folks to share with. To share their fortune and to share mine with them. From each according to their fortune and to each according to their lack thereof. In time this won’t balance but it will suit us to a fair-thee-well. 
That misspelling may be one step too far but this far into a vigil brings enough disorientation to finally be silly, grin at it, and let it be. The vigil is not clarifying, excusing, explaining, or bringing a final meaning. Judgment removed.

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Psalm 143 (Vigil)

Year A – Easter Vigil or Hopeless Hope Vigil
April 19/20, 2014
Having met the enemy, my spirit faints within me. Actually it fainted a long time ago which is why the enemy turned out, again, to be me.
I remember my hopes and expectations and dreams of conquest. And now out of warranty, a body of work dumped in a cave and soon to disappear, this empty tomb has become a Pit. There is no teaching available that I have not taught. There is no promise in preservation. Every refuge has a force-field around it set to my wave-length.
Now, when G*D cuts off my enemies and my adversaries, I am cut off, too. It is almost enough to make one wryly grin at the way the world goes round, we force meaning from it like juice from an orange, and when we drink it it tastes like urine.
So it is time for a reset, a reboot, a resignation.
It has been awhile since hearing echoes of steadfast love. It has probably been steadfast while I’ve been battling myself, but there is a sweetness to just the cadence of the phrase. It is a waltz not a marathon. Within its syllables lies “morning” heard here in the night.
Yes, maybe.

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