Oct 23 2014

This Day With God: The Gospel Message Has a Beautiful and Refreshing Simplicity About it that Sets Us Free

After healing the man with leprosy and the paralytic, Jesus saw a tax collector by the name of Levi (later called Matthew) sitting at his tax booth and Jesus ask him to follow. Levi got up, followed, and then gave … Continue reading

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Oct 23 2014

Seedbed: Recovering a Willardian Wesleyanism

What do the late Dallas Willard and John Wesley have in common? They both painted a picture of the Christian life that is attainable in the here and now. Read this article from John A. Murdock which draws parallels between the rich life and work of both Christian leaders.

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Oct 23 2014

Begin Again: SETI and Religion: Why We Need Little Green Men

The “little man” may be on the stairs. Or in the stars. He may not. His presence and his absence are alike equally haunting. Even if he doesn’t exist, we will probably invent him.

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Oct 23 2014

Thoughts of a Naked Alien: It’s a Trap!

The Judges gathered. The Prosecutor asked the Man a question to give him enough rope to hang himself: “Sir, which Law is most important?”

The Man raised his eyes from his dirty feet, and looked each Judge in the face: “Love God with every atom of your being.” But before the next question could be asked, he answered it: “Another Law is equally important: love everyone – you are all of the same atoms.”

The Judges huddled to see if they could turn these answers into a conviction, but the Man was not done speaking: “Whose son is the Son?”

They were aback. People did not ask questions back. Yet, their rabbinical training compelled them: “The Son of David!”

“Then why,” asked the Man, “did the Spirit of God speaking through His servant King David, call the Son ‘Lord’?”

They forgot their attempt at entrapment, and never asked him a question again.


(Retelling of Matthew 22:34-46)


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Oct 22 2014

The Painted Prayerbook: Love Is the Most Ancient Law

Image: Love Is the Most Ancient Law © Jan Richardson Reading from the Gospels, Year A, Proper 25/Ordinary 30/Pentecost +20: Matthew 22.34-46 Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment.” – […]

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Oct 22 2014

UMR: Bishop D. Max Whitfield appointed director of Center for Religious Leadership at Perkins School of Theology

The Provost made the appointment upon receiving the nomination of Bishop Whitfield from Perkins School of Theology Dean William B. Lawrence.

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