Oct 22 2014

Sacredise: Brainstorming for Worship: Love

A few years ago I experienced an unsettling visit to a fairly large church building in which a few scattered people had gathered for worship. What disturbed me was not the small number of worshippers. It was that they all sat as far away from each other as possible. I found myself wondering what impression […]

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Oct 22 2014

connexions: Post-mortem baptism: a hypothetical question

“One night, you’re in the sleep room; it’s 2am, and you get an urgent page to the intensive care nursery. Not knowing what to expect, you hurry to get up to the unit on the 12th floor. When you step out of the elevator, a nurse quickly points you to the last room at the [...]

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Oct 22 2014

Begin Again: dancing with Infinity

each lively soul worlds contained in a galaxy of one our gases, our dust our gravitational pull our weak wills our strong compulsions our spare shadowlands and gaudy stars our remarkable Light the wholeness of us dancing with Infinity © 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes; photo credit ~ NASA, public domain

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Oct 21 2014

Holy Conversations: All are Welcome

I consider
myself a pretty easy going kind of person. Live and let live right, but the one
thing I don’t like is when I feel forced to take a middle of the road kind of
stance. First and foremost the middle of the road is a dangerous place to be…

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Oct 21 2014

Threads from Henry's Web: Unconscious Traditions Fight Change

I’ve said quite a few times that I think that the job description we have for a pastor in most churches is ungodly. It’s also inhuman. The pastor can’t do all of that, so many times they fail. Those who succeed do so through extraordinary talents, gifts, and dependence on the grace of God. But [...]

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Oct 21 2014

A Pastor's Thoughts: Augustine on Scripture

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