Jan 31 2015

Threads from Henry's Web — Threads from Henry's Web: Not Watching the Super Bowl

No, I’m not. It’s a fact! I’m even a Seahawks fan, to the extent that I’m a fan of any sport. I’ll check the results a couple of times during the evening, but I won’t be watching.

Now don’t fit me out for a halo. A certain number of people probably figure by this time […]

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Jan 31 2015

Threads from Henry's Web — Threads from Henry's Web: Quote: The Son of Man Lifted up on a Cross

From my reading for next week’s study on John (Thursday night, 7:00 pm central time via Google Hangouts on Air):

In the same way in which a flag lifted up on its pole draws together a people and constitutes it a nation, the Son of Man lifted up on a cross draws toward himself all […]

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Jan 31 2015

John Meunier: Reading & living with humility

For a number of years now I’ve been attracted to William J. Abraham’s contention that scripture is a means of grace rather than a source of claims and facts to settle theological arguments. (He does not use those exact words, … Continue reading

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Jan 31 2015

ComPassion: “I March for Sandwiches.” Really?

Bill Mefford holds the position of Director of Civil and Human Rights on the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church. Notice I said he holds the position. What I did not say is that Bill Mefford is the Director of Civil and Human Rights. At best, Mefford is the Director…

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Jan 31 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 31 – Measuring it out

Todays Reading – 1 Chronicles 24:1 – 2 Chronicles 7:10 I want to accomplish so many things over the next few months. I have ideas and dreams about what to do. My natural tendency is to simply go day-to-day and do all I can and hope that I reach those dreams and ideas. The reality […]

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Jan 31 2015

Sunday's Child: Sirach 26-28

Since I can’t figure out what to say about chapter 26, I have decided to quote from Dianne Bergant’s comments in the New Interpreter’s Study Bible: “Ben Sira was a man of his time….” and “[We] must discover ways of gleaning the fundamental theologica…

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