Jan 29 2015

Holli Long: Project 365 – January, Week IV

Week IV included more time inside (thanks to cold temps without much snow), a quick weekend trip to Grammie’s and a shower for “Baby Cousin.”  Oh, and of course, a hunt for Letter “K” for Sound Bag Day. (1.22.15) – The […]

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Jan 29 2015

UMC Lead: Understand Justices

Image by Flickr user Michael Coghlan. Used under Creative Commons License. Cropped from original.

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Jan 29 2015

Joseph Yoo: Pastors and Giving, Cont.

Earlier this week, my article about pastor’s not giving went live on Ministry Matters. I’ve been browsing through the comments on both Ministry Matters page and on a Facebook’s group page, United Methodist Clergy. It’s been interesting. Tithing seems to be a point of discussion on the comment threads. Forget about tithing for a second. My ire was directed at … Continue reading 

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Jan 29 2015

Holli Long: New Arrival – {Plainfield, IL Lifestyle Newborn Photographer}

Pssst, come on in and take a peek at what’s new…   Holli Long Photography is excited to announce the addition of Lifestyle Newborn Sessions to our package offerings.  What is a “lifestyle” session?  Think more family interaction and natural posing for the […]

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Jan 29 2015

We Your People, Ours the Journey: The White Echo-Chamber

I’m offering these reflections honestly, as part of my own thinking and growing, and to share what I see. I’m claiming no special awareness or insight, and I really don’t want to compare how enlightened I am to anyone else. Spoiler: not very. You probably have more non-white friends than I do, and that’s cool. […]

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Jan 29 2015

Pastorbluejeans Ramblings: Day 29 – Keeping them out?

Today’s Reading 1 Chronicles 1:1 – 9:44 We all know the feeling of waiting in line at the amusement park. Will we make it? Is this the year? What will happen if I can’t get on the ride? The waiting can been overwhelming it seems. Yet, we will all wait it is a must. The […]

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