Jul 30 2014

Strange Christianity: Methodism and Family History

William Friend McMahon is my fifth great grandfather, living from 1776 to 1862. Here is an interesting passage about his conversion from the autobiography of William Stevenson, one of the pioneers of Methodism in Arkansas and Texas. At length we arrived in the settlement where my brother lived, but did not reach his home before night, […]

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Jul 30 2014

Pastor Patrick - Never On A Sunday: Double Strike – A Review

A Review

Davis Way finds herself in the midst of a casino based crime spree – again. Like most businesses, casinos have to change with the time – and the Bellissimo Resort and Casino is not sure how best to grow.  To manage the needed transition, Richard Sanders (CEO) and the management team contracted with an experienced group of casino managers to operate a “casino within a casino”.  To celebrate the opening of this new venture, they had set up the “Strike It Rich Sweepstakes.”  This event would introduce the casino and its guests to the hardware and the software that would define the “Casino of the Future”.  

Only three things stood in the way of a successful opening:

1.  Davis Way’s wedding was planned for the same weekend as the opening of the “casino within a casino”.
2.  Davis Way was still married – only she did not know it.
3.  Something was not right with the “casino within a casino”.

It fell to Davis and the other members of the security team that worked for the Bellissimo to put the pieces together before something tragic happened (sadly, they were not able to do that) and the Mississippi Gaming Commission closed down the casino.  

Of course, as in her earlier books, the fact that Davis Way is the virtual twin of Richard Sanders’ (CEO) wife, Bianca, only complicates the work they have to do.  The task is further complicated by the presence of the Sanders’ son Thomas who is on the verge of being expelled from his boarding school.  The presence of other characters (some legitimate, some not so) makes for an interesting story.  I would love to access to Jeremy’s (aka “No Hair” and Davis Way’s boss) tie collection – they are colorful and interesting.  Given that he only wears a tie once, means they should be available for others to use.  Maybe the author could mail a set of them my way.  Because Davis Way is a virtual twin to the bosses wife, she gets the privilege of assuming her role, wearing her clothes (that is nice), and spilling hot chocolate on the one-of-a-kind fur coat (that is not so nice).  

The mix of plot, characters, and setting (including time spent in Alabama and Mississippi), make for a story that will leave the reader laughing his or her way through a crime that could topple a major institution in Biloxi, MS, as well as Davis Way’s family.  Though I am not a gambler or drinker, it was a pleasure to again walk along with this set of characters as they seek to solve mysteries bigger than they thought possible.     

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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Jul 30 2014

UMR: Survey: Most Americans say U.S. should shelter, not rush to deport, child migrants

Most Americans say the waves of children crossing into the United States from Central America are refugees fleeing danger at home. And they say the United States should support these children while reviewing their cases, not deport them immediately.

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Jul 30 2014

UMR: Scenarios for the Future of the United Methodist Church

In recent months there has been much talk about schism in the United Methodist Church. In the spring a group of 80 pastors threw the conversations on this scenario into overdrive just as many Annual Conferences were about to meet. Since then there has been much talk on-line about directions of the church and the call to […]

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Jul 30 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: Walking with Palestinian Christians Conference Offers Opportunities for Prayer and Presence

The August 7-8 conference offers ways United Methodists and Palestinian Christians can be present together for those affected by this conflict.

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Jul 30 2014

Pastor Patrick - Never On A Sunday: Bones Never Lie – A Review

A Review

I suppose there is a first for everything. For me, this was my first Temperance Brennan novel. For Temperance Brennan, it was a serial killer that could not decide whether home was in Montreal, Vermont, or North Carolina. Bones Never Lie would serve as a first for both of us.

Temperance Brennan had crossed my path before – but it was like in another lifetime. The TV show Bones, like many have noted, has little connection to the main character of the books, other than sharing the main character’s name and occupation. Regardless, I was not disappointed. The book was a thriller with just a hint of romance. What it did lack, sadly, was the humor that has become a part of the Bones TV show.

Temperance soon discovers that there is a connection between the young teen girls deaths in Montreal, Vermont, and North Carolina. What is not clear is the nature of the crime – is there a single suspect or a pair, working together; how does a body found in a barrel of maple syrup connect to the other crimes; how did the pedophile located near the center of many of the death connect to them all? Yep, Brennan was faced with questions that left her feeling unsettled.

Suspense, crime drama, thriller, quirky characters (some stable, some not so) all contribute to a weeks worth of good reading. Could I laugh as I read – hardly. But I could sit back and relax and try to be an amateur detective and see through the clues before Temperance Brennan and her friends did the same. Didn’t do that well either, but I did have fun trying.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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