Jul 24 2014

Begin Again: You Can Skip Reading This Post …

“[N]ot all free choices deserve to be implemented.”

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Jul 24 2014

The Heart Of The Matter: How The #UMC Is Like Donny & Marie Osmond

Wait. You’re thinking that the Osmonds are Mormons for goodness sake, and no matter how much theological latitude we allow in the United Methodist Church, we’re not that.Except that’s not what the post is about.Instead, many local United Methodist…

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Jul 23 2014

UMR: Recently Read: The United Methodist Church is Split on Gays. But is Schism the Answer?

It seems somehow not enough to wait for a bunch of old ideas to die in order for a church to live. But Kubilus, echoing Wesley, reminded me of what makes Methodism special: “There are very serious things that we disagree on, but we still eat the same bread. We still drink from the same cup.” There is something radical about people coming together each week despite major differences of opinion and still calling one another brother and sister. Schism threatens that.

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Jul 23 2014

Transforming Me: Part III: Taking it to the streets

The mission trip to the Dominican Republic included the chance to hit the streets and meet people. We were there to invite residents to attend VBS.

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Jul 23 2014

Reflections on the The Word and World: Water Cooler Woes

   Many of you have taken note of the fact that the renovations of the hallways meant the removal of the old metal water coolers that hung on the walls. We had three of them and, from time to time, two of them would operate. In their places, …

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Jul 23 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Psalm 105:1-11, 45

Year A – Pentecost +7 or Community Practice 7July 27, 2014Psalm 105:1-11, 45imagine praise of another as sowing a small mustard seed of encouragement into their lifein time will grow confidence to welcome strangersfro…

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