Jan 25 2015

Bob Kaylor: Left Behind? Rethinking the Rapture

Part IV of “The End of the World as We Know It:” The Book of Revelation People suddenly disappearing, infrastructure collapsing, wailing people wondering what happened to their loved ones and why they’ve been left behind, apocalyptic signs in the heavens, antichrists running amok. These are just a few of images from the popular “Left […]

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Jan 25 2015

Allan R. Bevere: The Church Has an Identity Crisis

The church in the 21st century West faces an identity crisis which it must resolve. Is the church going to be the people of God Jesus called it to be making disciples for the purpose of making disciples, or will it continue to grasp after a Christ…

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Jan 25 2015

Methodist Doctrine, Spirit, Discipline: Loving our Enemies: advice from the Buddhist tradition

This is a podcast from the radio show “On Being”.  Two Buddhist teachers give practical advise on how to cultivate a loving attitude towards enemies.  Their advise is more psychological than religious and thus easily translated into a Christi…

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Jan 25 2015

An uncommon path: A celebration for no reason

I love a good celebration – a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday or the dawning of a new year.I wonder how many times I have missed the miracle of today, this ordinary day, because my eyes have been fixed on the future, anticipating something to come?…

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Jan 25 2015

Nikos: Sunday Worship Preview – February 1

Sunday, February 1 – (9:00 am & 10:30 Services) & Wednesday, February 4  (6:30 pm Casual Service @ Crossroads, 2095 Fair Avenue)Features – 4th Sunday After the Epiphany & Holy CommunionScripture – I Corinthians 8:1-…

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Jan 25 2015

The Painted Prayerbook: Epiphany 4: Blessing for a Whole Heart

Image: In Every Chamber of the Heart © Jan Richardson Readings for Epiphany 4, Year B: Deuteronomy 18.15-20, Psalm 111, 1 Corinthians 8.1-13, Mark 1.21-28 I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart. –Psalm 111.1 For the past year and a half I have been carrying a small piece of art in my […]

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