Jan 28 2015

Threads from Henry's Web — Threads from Henry's Web: Sending out Rejections

As an editor and publisher, I often have the joy of telling an author that their work will become available to the public, because I have decided to invest in it and publish it. That’s very enjoyable.

Then there are the times that I have to reject manuscripts. There are more of these than acceptances. […]

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Jan 28 2015

practicing resurrection life :: brian swanson: The prophetic imagination of Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church – #loveconquershate

When I’m trying to talk to my wife or oldest daughter and they’re watching TV, I usually have to say their full name boldly…sometimes kind of forcefully, even.  (When they’re in the zone, they’re in the zone.*)  If I have … Continue reading

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Jan 28 2015

Mercy Not Sacrifice: Tony Jones and the twitter court of justice

[Trigger warning: genuinely confused but well-intentioned dudebro asking honest questions that may be offensive and/or ignorant] I refrained from writing about this topic for a long time, but I’m troubled. I have three different conflicting ethics when it comes to assessing Tony Jones Rachel Nadia conference-gate and the twitter court of justice that’s been in [Read More…]

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Jan 28 2015

All Shall Be Well: Things your church might be doing wrong (and why it’s o.k.)

These days, there seems to be no end to the ever-growing stream of articles (usually heavily accented by bulleted or numbered lists), telling churches, pastors, and Christian leaders what they are doing wrong.  In the spirit of being helpful, most of these writers are trying to help churches to reach out to their communities, grow, […]

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Jan 28 2015

ComPassion: It’s Time to Call “Progressives” What They Are

Increasingly, I have become uncomfortable with calling “progressives” progressives. Why? Because they are not progressive. To progress means to advance, not only in the sense of forward motion, but of improvement. But so-called progressives, and I refer specifically to those in the church and especially those in The United Methodist Church, are not advancing the…

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Jan 28 2015

Mitchell Lewis: As One with Authority

Mark 1:21-28 tells us that Jesus taught, but it doesn’t tell us what he taught, at least not in the same way that the other gospels do. By Donald English’s count in The Message of Mark, the evangelist uses the verb “to teach” of Jesus 16 times, and identifies Jesus as a “teacher” 11 times. Anyone … Continue reading As One with Authority

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