Jul 30 2014

Begin Again: Praying for Gaza

This was originally published for action in Syria in 2013. Well, it is 2014 and Gaza is erupting in violence. It feels like the right thing to do to bring it forward again. This was created in conjunction with the wonderful people of Bothell UMC. Let’s send these prayers around the world! Entering Sacred Space…

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Jul 29 2014

UMR: UM clergy Frank Shaefer’s “Defrocked” released today by Chalice Press

Today is the official release by Chalice Press of UM clergy Frank Schaefer’s book “Defrocked.” Due to the continuing attention around the UMC community on this polarizing subject, UMR is posting an exclusive book excerpt and a UMR editor will separately review Schaefer’s book in the coming weeks.

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Jul 29 2014

Nothin' Sweeter Than Georgia Peaches: Goodbye Georgia!

My term of service is complete.  It was the most rewarding two years of my life, but like every chapter, I pray it’s not the best.  I hope life continues to amaze me and that God continues to amaze me with amazing opportunities.  For all…

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Jul 29 2014

John Meunier: O Captain! My Wesley!

On the list of movies guaranteed to make me cry, Dead Poets Society is firmly entrenched. It is right up there with the “Wanna have a catch” scene in Field of Dreams. The scene below is not the one that makes … Continue reading

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Jul 29 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Genesis 32:22-31

Year A – Pentecost +8 or Community Practice 8
July 27, 2014
Into the midst of trepidation that all we knew was coming to an end, our past had caught up with us and there was to be no choosing of doors to escape, Jacob has a dream realer than real.
A wrestling ensues. The battle was lost with a broken hip and no way to leverage any foot upon a strong foundation. There was only limping around an altar of past success.
The contest had gone on long enough that evening was becoming morning. In the end there is an end to wrestling. In this end is neither victory nor defeat, but blessing.
We are renamed, reoriented, reanimated. Imagine what it would be like in your world if word finally came to you, “you have striven with G*D and Neighb*r, and have prevailed.”
In prevailing we, too, would want to know a name to rename. Though a name is not revealed here, Charles Wesley later penned a poem, “Wrestling Jacob”, turned into a hymn, “Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown” (386 and 387 in The United Methodist Hymnal of 1989). Here Charles’ conclusion is, “thy nature and thy name is Love.” Though not included in current versions of the hymn, the 14th and concluding stanza runs:
Lame as I am, I take the prey,
hell, earth, and sin with ease overcome;
I leap for joy, pursue my way,
and as a bounding hart fly home,
through all eternity to prove
thy nature, and thy name is Love.

A challenge to us in these days of discouragement of wars and rumors of war and great community splits happening and threatened, is to reveal in our life the nature and name of Love that will not let us go nor escape our grasp, even should the night darken or the morning come.
- – - – - – -
You are encouraged to read Thy Nature & Thy Name Is Love: Wesleyan and Process Theologies in Dialogue, Edited by Bryan P. Stone & Thomas Jay Oord.

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Jul 29 2014

Wheneftalks: Calling Our Nation To Do More On Immigration

A reflection from Dr. Owen Ross and Rev. Eric Folkerth: Tomorrow, the two of us will travel to Washington DC to take part in a non-violent action to support just treatment of immigrants… Continue reading

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