Oct 23 2014

Threads from Henry's Web: Major on the Clear Stuff

I get disturbed when I see people around me disturbed by the latest Bible mystery, or obscure interpretation of prophecy. These things sell books, and bring in offerings, but I don’t think they produce better followers of Jesus.

I don’t have a problem with discussing difficult or controversial passages, but the church has been living [...]

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Oct 23 2014

salvaged faith: Spiritually Blind

I mentioned earlier this week a youth group conversation about Mary Magdalene and demon possession.  There are so many different ways of understanding what demon possession might have been about … Continue reading

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Oct 23 2014

everyday theology: Self-Censoring

Listening to the radio this morning on my way to work, I heard the story of Kenny G’s brief foray into political endorsement. He tweeted a picture of himself with some of the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. I knew the political leaders of China wouldn’t like this.  I had no idea Kenny G. was […]

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Oct 23 2014

Via Media Methodists: Refusing Both Options: Scripture and the Via Media with Hauerwas & Brueggemann

“Indeed literalist-fundamentalism and the critical approaches to the Bible are but two sides of the same coin, insofar as each assumes that the text should be accessible to anyone without the necessary mediation by the church.” -Stanley Hauerwas, Unleashing the Scripture The Via Media has many detractors, which is kind of funny because there isn’t […]

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Oct 23 2014

One Man Show: Don’t Do Random Acts of Kindness

  It was supposed to be a routine booking. The Almost Amazing Marko would show up at the Project 44 Farm on a Saturday afternoon to entertain kids and adults during an open house event. I would walk around with my bag of tricks as folks stood in line for BBQ, strolled the grounds and toured […]

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Oct 23 2014

Rev. Brent L. White: People don’t often reject Christianity because it’s hard to believe

While John Lomperis doesn’t say at which “stage of heresy” Bart Campolo was when he served as a United Methodist youth minister (one hopes a very early one!), I otherwise appreciated this reflection on Campolo’s journey, as the son of progressive evangelical leader Tony, from growing up evangelical to becoming the “humanist chaplain” at USC. We often speak […]

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