Oct 25 2014

An uncommon path: A prayer for peace

I have been reading some of the work of Episcopal Bishop Steven Charleston in the last few weeks. I don’t know too much biographical information about him, other than that he is an Episcopal priest and a Native American. I also know that he writes (and thinks) beautifully.

Here is a beautiful excerpt from one of his prayers. I call it a prayer for peace:

God drive back the dark days of war, place your angels between innocent lives and the tread of advancing tanks, cool the political fires that burn for power and greed, let wisdom prevail and compassion increase….

- Bishop Steven Charleston

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Oct 24 2014

We Your People, Ours the Journey: Sermon: Touching the Edges

“Touching the Edges”  (October 19, 2014) Jesus took the time to be really, deeply present with people on the margins, on the edges of his society. In this story, he goes out of his way for two women who others had written off as un-save-able. Instead, he touched them and let them touch him, too. […]

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Oct 24 2014

David F. Watson: Scribes and Pharisees

I’ve been writing down some theological reflections on Mark’s gospel. Perhaps at some point these will constitute the makings of a short book, but for now they’re just reflections. Here are some brief thoughts on the scribes and Pharisees in Mark. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback you have.  Let’s clear something up about the scribes and…

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Oct 24 2014

Begin Again: Thoughts from Rabbi Heschel Offered on the Sabbath

Thoughts from Rabbi Heschel on the topic of prayer.

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Oct 24 2014

Hopeful: Offshoots from Morning Glory

I am again sharing the newsletter of Mineral Street Programs and Services by Lisa Hernandez.  There is are good words here and some news.   Mineral Street Programs and Services, Inc. Cultivating healthy individuals, healthy families, for a healthy community. … Continue reading

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Oct 24 2014

The Painted Prayerbook: It Is Hard Being Wedded to the Dead

Image: River of Life © Jan Richardson A Reading for All Saints Day: Revelation 7.9-17 The Lamb…will guide them to springs of the water of life, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. – Revelation 7.17 For many years, I have loved the days of Halloween, All Saints, and All Souls. This […]

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