Oct 01 2014

Sky McCracken: Noisy Gongs and Clanging Cymbals: Labels and Pigeonholing

Between attending national/international United Methodist events, and reading what goes on in and around United Methodist circles, I see an increasingly disturbing trend amongst the people called United Methodists: we are a people of labels. In fact, I…

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Oct 01 2014

This Day With God: Questions for Reflection for Study of Luke 3-4

So far this week in the study of Luke, we have received a great example of someone wanting to learn so they could be the best they could be in order to fulfill their purpose. At the age of twelve, … Continue reading

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Oct 01 2014

Seedbed: Is the Rapture in the Bible?

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Oct 01 2014

Sacredise: Brainstorming for Worship: Joining Stories

This week I’m feeling a nudge to take this brainstorm in a different direction. Rather than focus on a particular reading from the Lectionary – which may or may not be helpful depending on whether you’re going to be using or encountering that reading in church on Sunday – I thought I would brainstorm around […]

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Oct 01 2014

The Heart Of The Matter: Why We Say ‘Living Relationship’ And Not ‘Personal Relationship’

If you have been to Good Shepherd for more than five minutes, you have heard the church’s mission statement:Inviting All People Into A Living Relationship With Jesus Christ.Thanks to our friend Will Mancini, we chose every word in that sentence with gr…

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Oct 01 2014

Begin Again: Find Joy in a Wholehearted Life

“I now see that cultivating a Wholehearted life is not like trying to reach a destination. It’s like walking toward a star in the sky. We never really arrive, but we certainly know that we’re heading in the right direction.”
― Brene Brown

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