Apr 19 2014

Kyrie Eleison: Repentance, Pathos, Humility – and the Luxury of Schism

When I was a pastor, Holy Week could be a very exhausting and emotional week. And like many pastors, in my efforts to be sure to plan worship, set atmospherics, and lead a congregation into the Passion and Triduum, I often did more planning and studyin…

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Apr 19 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Saturday at the Cinema: Christianity Stands or Falls on the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

I want to be very clear. To make the claim that Jesus was raised bodily does not mean that Jesus was simply resuscitated back to his pre-crucifixion existence. Rather, it is to claim that Jesus’ resurrection to new life must have also involved his body…

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Apr 19 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: 1 Peter 4:1-8 (Saturday)

Year A – Holy Saturday or Absent Saturday
April 18, 2014
Oh sure, deny the denials of life. You can no more give up your human desires than you can escape a gravity field of G*D. To deny your supposed negative passions will also deny your hoped for positive passions. You don’t need to express them, but they cannot be denied. To deny them is to not give an accurate account of your life.
This day is an opportunity to discipline ourselves regarding hope. Without hope that it will make a whit of difference, we commit to love one another, nonetheless.
That which we had counted on, steadfastly, proved to be quite frail. Death came all too easily (which is not to say it was faked), no legs were broken to hasten suffocation. What we wanted to be a loud cry wrecking the world and setting it right turned out to be a last gasp for a last breath and then no more. Not a hoped for bang, but a whimper.
And now a stone-rolled dark tomb. We are reduced from grunt to silence. Only motions are left. We will be gentle and kind with one another. It is the most we can to. Perhaps, in time, more will come; our desires, in both kinds, will return. There is no explaining our reliance upon our memory of a last command. Was it real or not? Whatever. That word, for whatever reason, continues to echo within. And so we do our best to love one another even when love is lost. And Simeon’s blessing comes around; with a sword in our soul we pull out our beads and recite:
Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

We will love one another until our death.

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Apr 19 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Psalm 31:1-4, 15-16 (Saturday)

Year A – Holy Saturday or Absent Saturday
April 18, 2014
“Save me in your steadfast love.”
When life gets desperate, we pull out our last gasp. Beyond our ability to hope any longer is some even deeper understanding beyond our understanding that a cosmos-wide force of love will find an unexpected encounter with our life, even as does that of the elusive neutrino.
Finally, without expectation, we simply ask to have our grief observed. Not even acknowledged, just impassively, peripherally glimpsed.
Today is an opportunity to practice absence to such a degree that we will be filled with an assurance of being beloved, anyway. Whenever a smidgeon of hope arises, let it be as any distraction, momentarily present and set aside. To get distracted by hope before encountering steadfast love will weaken our resolve to live steadfastly, no matter what.
In some ways this pericope is the exception to the sense of absence needed in this day. Don’t let that distract you, tempt you out of absence too soon. Your dark day of the soul is needed, even as it is a trial.

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Apr 19 2014

Grace and Peace: Keeping Vigil

If you have been driving–at least around Oklahoma–you will see at least one roadside memorial which has spontaneously sprung up in memory of someone who died in a vehicular accident at that point in the road.  Families and friends, bring flowers…

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Apr 19 2014

Commmonplace Holiness blog: A Prayer for the Day

Almighty God, Your name is glorified even in the anguish of your Son’s death. Grant us the courage to receive your anointed servant who embodies a wisdom and love that is foolishness to the world. empower us in witness so…

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