Jul 29 2014

Sunday's Child: Reflection on readings for July 29

But you, O Lord, do not be far away!O my help, come quickly to my aid!(Psalm 22:19)2 Chronicles 24:1-25:28King Joash restored the temple  that had been looted by previous rulers. As long as the priest Jehoiada was around, the king did what was wha…

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Jul 29 2014

Soul Rain ... Kelli Sorg: Freedom and creativity #nccumc #weare3dm

Practical, real-life discipleship…Today’s Inspiration, breathing in…

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Jul 29 2014

the unlikely orange: the chronicles of prydain

a couple of weeks ago, after encouraging jackson to read it, i was inspired to read a series i had read before in my early teen years, and i am so pleased that i did. i had read lloyd alexander’s “prydain chronicles” some 25 years ago, but had forgotte…

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Jul 29 2014

This Day With God: Godless World Religion

Reading in Revelation 17:1-6, a great harlot is depicted as the symbol of apostasy and idol-worship; drunk with the blood of the saints (v.6). She represents the ultimate in godless world religion who has been involved with the kings of … Continue reading

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Jul 29 2014

Seedbed: The 5 Offerings in the Old Testament

The sacrificial system of the Old Testament was a means of grace by which the relationship between God and humanity begins to be restored. Ultimately, the sacrificial system was inadequate, which is why Jesus came to earth. But the 5 main Old Testament sacrifices are worth knowing, and Jeremiah Garrett provides some basic information here.

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Jul 29 2014

Begin Again: Non-Meditation – Prayerful Tuesday

In the last couple of weeks I have been reading a book by Jay Michaelson, Everything is God, The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism[1], who described a prayer practice I have been using for many years but didn’t know it was a prayer practice, Non-Distracted, Non-Meditation.  This prayer practice, as Michaelson describes it, has no…

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