Oct 02 2014

Pastor Floyd - Sunday Sermons: A Prayer For The Saints

September 28, 2014Colossians 1:11-14

A Prayer for the Saints

Intro.: Oswald

The year was 1920. The scene
was the examining board for selecting missionaries. Standing before
the board was a young man named Oswald Smith. One dream dominated his
heart. He wanted to be a missionary. Over and over again, he prayed,
“Lord, I want to go as a missionary for you. Open a door of

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Oct 02 2014

UMR: Judicial Council hearing for the Rev. Frank Schaefer

The Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church will conduct an Oral Hearing in the case of the Rev. Frank Schaefer on October 22, 2014, at the Doubletree Hotel at 185 Union Avenue in downtown Memphis, Tenn.

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Oct 02 2014

Pastor Darian's Musings: The Gospel According to Joey: “Cool” Changes

The TV show, Friends, reminds me of how quickly what’s “cool” can change.

In season 2, Chandler and Joey get into a petty fight that ends with Joey moving out. Since he is now a working actor with a regular gig on a soap opera, Joey moves into a “fab” apartment. The friends, minus a moping Chandler, come over to see his new “digs.” After a tour of a living room filled with statues of animals and leopard-skin rugs, Joey insists on showing them the bathroom. Apprehensive, the friends follow him. On the wall beside the toilet is a telephone.

Someone declares, “Joey, there’ a phone in your bathroom.”

Joey replies, “I know! Isn’t that so cool?”

Monica says, “Promise me you will never call me from that phone.”

Nearly 20 years have passed since Joey moved into an apartment with a landline in the bathroom. If that same apartment were “cool” today, it would need a Bluetooth speaker for a cell phone and a charging station. Joey would have the option of talking on the phone or listening to music or hearing the weather report. There may even be speakers built into the walls and a waterproof case for the phone to go in the shower. Joey’s boxy phone on the wall would no longer be “cool” by most standards.

The day that I graduated from college, the father of one of my friends asked about my plans for the future. When I told him about graduate school and a ministerial career, he nodded and said, “That’s rad.” As in a shortened version of “radical.” As in another way of saying, “Cool.” I remember thinking to myself, “That is so 1990, but at least he’s trying to speak my language.”

There’s a season for everything
And a time for every matter
Under the heavens…*

Ecclesiastes is wise in its simplicity: everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Cultures shift. Phones become computers. Computers talk. Language evolves. What’s “cool” changes and how we describe something’s “coolness” changes, too.

Like any other organization, churches find themselves with a difficult dilemma amid cultural shifts. Where are the boxy landlines in the bathrooms that need to be uninstalled? What sacred pieces of our history do we need to maintain?

The gospel of Jesus Christ is timeless. The message of salvation does not change. Much of worship services do need to hold on to some of the traditions that connect us to our past. What does need to change is how we communicate that story so that we can be relevant to different generations. Where many of our churches have stumbled is in speaking only the language of Leave It to Beaver when we’re trying to reach folks who prefer translations of The Big Bang Theory. We can also err on the side of ignoring listeners of The Andy Griffith Show and only talking to How I Met Your Mother linguists.

Followers of Christ have to be multilingual and adaptive to seasons. We can get very comfortable in certain times and seasons to the point of complacency. Complacency causes us to get stuck in a rut. If we’re not careful, churches will find themselves on a landline in a bathroom, oblivious to new ways of communicating the good news.

Let us be willing to grow with the changes of life. May the wind of God’s Holy Spirit keep us in the “cool” as disciples, as churches, and as children of God.

All good things to each of you,
Pastor Darian

* Ecclesiastes 3:1 (Common English Translation)

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Oct 02 2014

John Meunier: If we want war, we have it

My favorite blogging DS, Sky McCracken, has added to what is a growing genre of blog posts appealing for more Christian discourse in the midst of our differences. Several other Methodist bloggers have weighed in on this topic recently. McCracken … Continue reading

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Oct 02 2014

Methodist Youth President: In the early hours…

When travelling around during the early hours of the morning on trains, sometimes you tend to have a bit of time to think (when I’m not sleeping). This week, as the youth president 2015/16 application comes to a close, I’ve been thinking back about why I applied for the role.

If I’m honest, it all started with that small feeling of being isolated. I’ve grown up in the Methodist church and although my mum was a Sunday school teacher, I was always given the choice to go to church. Being 1 of 3 young people in our little rural Chapel (FYI: didn’t have running water or a toilet = Problematic) and also 1 of 10 in our congregation could sometimes be a blessing but also a challenge. As well supported as we were as young people at the Chapel, it could at times feel quite isolated. Many years ago now (because I’m old) the 3 of us young people attended a national event, now known as 3Generate, but then known as MYC. This really sparked the fire in me to do more and to be more. It was amazing to feel part of something bigger! To see that I wasn’t on my own! That there were other young Christian’s; they did exist!

Then throughout the next couple of years I had some amazing overseas opportunities as well as have opportunities to get involved in all aspects of church. This again fed my desire to help others who felt they were alone or isolated.

I’m not ashamed to say it that God has changed my heart over the past couple of years and has lead me on a path a never thought possible. But sometimes he does that doesn’t he?

2 things I want to share:

1). I just want to encourage anyone thinking of applying for the youth president role. It’s an amazing opportunity and it will change you.

2). I also really want to encourage those people who feel that they are isolated, weather by location or by relationships. You are not alone. It may at times feel like you are, but God is with you, no matter how distant you feel, He’s got you.
The rural chapel that always made me hang on for the loo!!!

Prayer: I pray for everyone thinking of applying for the youth president role. Be with them Lord in this time and guide them in their choices. I also pray for those who feel isolated. Let them feel your love and spirit surrounding them so that they may know that they are not alone.


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Oct 02 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: Creation Care Team Brings Global Perspective

Newly-formed Global Ministries Creation Care Ministry works toward environmental justice and responsibility.

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