Apr 19 2014

John Meunier: Praying for all of us

Thank you, Sky McCracken for this story. May those with ears, hear. McCracken tells a story about some Methodists from Mexico visiting his district’s office, which is in a church that closed after a church split led to dwindling membership and finances. When our Mexican friends arrived at our district office, we met to talk […]

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Apr 19 2014

A Pastor's Thoughts: The Perfect Gift

About 2000 years ago, God sent us the perfect love gift – Jesus Christ. From His miraculous birth to His miraculous resurrection, the life of Jesus tells humankind the greatest love story of all time. The heart of God and … Continue reading

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Apr 19 2014

Tina Fox Talk: Waiting Saturdays

Holy Week is my favorite week of the Church year. I’m somber like that. Anything involving reflection and retrospection…count me in. Today is Holy Saturday. I like to think of it as “Waiting Saturday”. The historic Creeds tell us Jesus descended into Hell today. I have a theology degree and still don’t totally understand what […]

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Apr 19 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Ten Tips for Atheists to Consider This Easter

from John Dickson:___As an intellectual movement, Christianity has a head start on atheism. So it’s only natural that believers would find some of the current arguments against God less than satisfying.In the interests of a more robust debate this East…

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Apr 19 2014

Kyrie Eleison: Repentance, Pathos, Humility – and the Luxury of Schism

When I was a pastor, Holy Week could be a very exhausting and emotional week. And like many pastors, in my efforts to be sure to plan worship, set atmospherics, and lead a congregation into the Passion and Triduum, I often did more planning and studyin…

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Apr 19 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Saturday at the Cinema: Christianity Stands or Falls on the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

I want to be very clear. To make the claim that Jesus was raised bodily does not mean that Jesus was simply resuscitated back to his pre-crucifixion existence. Rather, it is to claim that Jesus’ resurrection to new life must have also involved his body…

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