Jul 31 2014

UMR: Logo Unveiled for 2016 General Conference

Nashville, Tenn.: The Commission on the General Conference has chosen a logo for the 2016 General Conference. United Methodist Communications developed the logo to complement the theme of the 2016 General Conference, “Therefore go,” which the Commission chose in 2013. Stephanie Henry of the Upper New York Annual Conference chairs the Logo and Theme Committee. […]

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Jul 31 2014

Sunday's Child: Reflection on readings for July 31

Lift up your heads, O gates!and be lifted up, O ancient doors!that the King of glory may come in.(Psalm 24:7)2 Chronicles 29:1-36Hezekiah proclaimed that the destruction they had suffered was due to the misdeeds of their ancestors but now with the help…

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Jul 31 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Is Sin Inevitable? Romans 7 in Context

HT: Ministry Matters

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Jul 31 2014

This Day With God: Led in Spirit

In Revelation 17:7-18, we continue to read about the mystery as John is led in Spirit by one of the seven angels to a vision of a woman on a beast. The woman is a harlot who is transported by … Continue reading

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Jul 31 2014

Wheneftalks: Remembering the Bullet Holes

Today’s #TBT is this picture from 2005. It was taken on our mission trip that year, to visit our friends at Maria Madre de los Pobres Church in San Salvador. In case it’s… Continue reading

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Jul 31 2014

Begin Again: Welcome to Plantation Nation

One of the most serious errors most consistently and most often committed by rational people of good will, irrespective of political ideology, is the belief that people with sinister motives and hidden agendas do not mean precisely what they say.

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