Apr 21 2014

Rev. Brent L. White: Heaven is for real, but so is resurrection

I guess “Resurrection Is for Real” would have made a great sermon title yesterday! Missed opportunity! In this short critique of the new movie adaptation of the book Heaven Is for Real, theologian Roger Olson puts his finger on the main problem that I had with the book. Even though its author is a Wesleyan pastor who […]

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Apr 21 2014

Mercy Not Sacrifice: Sharia law, capital punishment, and forgiveness

Sharia law. The name conjures up images of barbaric practices like stoning women for adultery or chopping off the hands of thieves. Lawmakers in the US have passed paranoid resolutions against Sharia law ever being used in their states. But a recent story from Iran about a mother who forgave her son’s killer suggests that… More

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Apr 21 2014

Laurie Haller: What Do You Mean… Time to Split?

“As we were sitting in the back of the truck at the end of the day, I wondered why I wasn’t feeling a sense of joy. We had worked hard all day helping many people, but it didn’t seem as … Continue reading

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Apr 21 2014

Commmonplace Holiness blog: Holy Spirit, Self-Trancendence, Community

This conception of the Spirit’s relation to the human person and to human community rings true for me. Pannenberg sees in the heightened exocentric capability of humans the basis for their uniqueness from other animal forms. In the being-with-others that…

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Apr 21 2014

Via Media Methodists: An attitude and a prayer

Over the past several weeks I have been preaching through the seven deadly sins. Using the classic list of seven deadly sins, we have examined modern day behaviors that are sinful. My congregation has really enjoyed the series, but they have mentioned that at various points in each of the sins, they have squirmed a […]

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Apr 21 2014

SOUND BITES: Something to chew on that is good for the soul™: THE FULL AFFIRMATION OF GOD’S LOVE

The resurrection of Jesus is a hidden event. Jesus didn’t rise from the dead to prove to those who had crucified Him that they had made a mistake, or confound His opponents. Nor did He rise to impress the rulers of His time or to force anyone to believ…

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