Jul 11 2014

United Methodeviations: Antagonisn’t

It has been interesting entering the conversation about the future of our denomination and our interest, inclination and ability to stay at the table to work things out.  While I feel strongly that we are better together than apart, I […]

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Jul 11 2014

Simply Sherri: Discouragement

Discouragement… where does it come from and why does it come?  It’s crazy.  Often, I think it comes from within ourselves; maybe from fear, uncertainties, or even just laziness.  I don’t know but it does drive me crazy.  It can bring me to the b…

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Jul 11 2014

UMR: UMPH makes plans to move from historic site

Nashville, TN – The Tennessean, the local Nashville newspaper, reported today that the United Methodist Publishing House has completed the purchase of the Lake Front Office Park in the Metro Center development for $9.25 million dollars. The deal was expected to include a 125,000-square-foot office building, the roughly 10 acres the building sits on and another […]

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Jul 11 2014

URLoved.com: Digital Proficiency Matters

Let me be upfront. I am not a digital native. I am a resident alien in all places wireless, HTML, and electronic. In seventh grade, while all of my peers were excited about fancy keyboards which would allow a person to press a button and play Ode to Joy with a Salsa Rhythm, I committed my heart to my steel-framed, upright grand [...]

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Jul 11 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: Young Adults Head to the Philippines for Missionary Training and Commissioning

Please pray for 42 new Global Mission Fellows as they prepare to be commissioned for two years of service.

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Jul 11 2014

RMNBlog: Love Wide and Expansive: Celebrating same-sex marriage

by Rev. Lois Parr Vernice and I catch the bus from the neighborhood that takes wedding participants to the warehouse bar: we look like everyone else. We begin to quietly identify some of the people we’ve heard about – Justin’s Aunt, Andrew’s sister. We speculate that they think we are a couple: Vernice is in a red polka-dot dress and heels; I’m in matching men’s clothes with a bolo tie and cowboy boots; like other guests, we have hats. The bar’s in a converted warehouse, and since the wedding is May 3, it has a Kentucky Derby theme. The planning…

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