Jul 29 2014

Commmonplace Holiness blog: A Prayer from the Darkness – Psalms 25:16-18

There are times when God seems absent. It seems that direction and blessing are gone. We have no sense that our prayers are being heard. We may be in a time of stress and trial, where there seems to be…

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Jul 29 2014

John Meunier: Hauerwas: Care vs. discipline

The church seems caught in an irresolvable tension today. Insofar as we are able to maintain any presence in modern society we do so by being communities of care. Pastors become primarily people who care. In attempt in such a … Continue reading

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Jul 29 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Sophisticated Thinking: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Complicated

In an editorial by David Brooks entitled, “No War Is an Island: When Middle East Conflicts Become One,” writes,It’s amazing how much of the discussion of the Gaza war is based on the supposition that it is still 1979. It’s based on the suppos…

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Jul 29 2014

Clemson UMC » Senior Pastor: Time to Dance? Just for a While

Those who advocate for full inclusion of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) persons within the life and ministry of The United Methodist Church were celebrating on June 24 when the Rev. Frank Schaefer’s clergy credentials were reinstated and he was, as some termed it, “refrocked.” Schaefer was brought up on charges for officiating at his […]

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Jul 29 2014

PreacherRich.com: How to Faithfully in a Culture, and Church, That Isn’t!

There was a day in November of 1989 when my life changed irrevocably. It was a change of culture like nothing I had ever experienced. I had grown up in a safe middle class american home. I was living in a wonderful subdivision in Tucson Arizona. I had been in college for a couple of […]

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Jul 29 2014

Transforming Me: Part 4: We are one in the Spirit

Something happened to me when I had the opportunity to truly unplug. I had some special moments when I had the chance to see God at work in the Dominican Republic.

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