Oct 21 2014

RMNBlog: Trials and tribulations

By Rev. Vicki Flippin, Originally posted on the Church of the Village blog I remember that day in seminary well. I walked into the chapel for our midday worship, and by the end of the first hymn, tears were streaming down my face and I sniffled and sobbed until the benediction. It wasn’t that I was particularly moved by anything in the liturgy. I just needed a safe space to process some of the things I was learning in my classes. Most people have at least one of these days in the seminary experience when some piece of personal faith…

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Oct 21 2014

The Fat Pastor: Help me invite Amy Poehler to be on my podcast #AmyOnPulpitFiction

So please, right now, go to Twitter and ask Amy and/or Aisha to be on Pulpit Fiction. Tweet something like “@Smrtgrls and @eeshmu So excited about your new project, please go on @pulpitfpodcast to talk about it #AmyOnPulpitFiction” Continue reading

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Oct 21 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Preaching in the Retirement Home

Thoughtful words from Richard Mouw:
When, back in the mid-1980s, I told a retired Calvin College colleague that I was moving to Fuller Seminary, he responded: “I hope you will make a case there for more appropriate sermons preached at retirement communities!” He went on to explain: “Last week at the weekly worship service sponsored by our community, a visiting preacher warned us against a modalist conception of the Trinity, while also urging us to avoid tri-theism. But that was not as bad as the week before, when a seminarian– addressing a congregation where at least a dozen of us were sitting in wheelchairs– exhorted us to stand up for Christ in an increasingly secular society!

I have often wished since then that I had asked him about what he would consider to be a good sermon for that kind of community. But as I get closer to his age I think I could come up with some helpful answers of my own. Many of us have been giving considerable attention in recent decades to the importance of cultural context: you can’t preach exactly the same sermon in a suburban Omaha church as you would to a congregation in rural Thailand. But that kind of emphasis has to do with “macro-” cultural factors. There is also the “context” of different stages of an individual life. What I found exciting and helpful about Christianity in my twenties differs significantly from my present life as a septuagenarian.

Peter Berger understood that point better than many theologians and pastors– certainly better than the preachers whom my colleague heard in his retirement community. In his The Noise of Solemn Assemblies (1961), Berger observed that the calls to reform the structures of societal life have little relevance to “many of the aged and the sick and the emotionally crippled in our congregations.” Indeed, they can constitute “nothing but a threat to whatever spiritual solace the congregation has been able to give them.” To be sure, he argued, it is certainly appropriate to show concern for “the vocation of Christians in industrial society,” as long as we are aware of the fact that “there are some Christians whose one vocation remains to suffer and to face death in faith. It is certainly no minor accomplishment if a local congregation provides the communal support for such a vocation.”
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Oct 21 2014

Threads from Henry's Web: My Wife Writes about Suicide

My wife Jody has written a post on suicide which I think is worth passing on.

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Oct 21 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: Making Mobility Possible

Enabling people with disabilities to move around independently.

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Oct 21 2014

Threads from Henry's Web: Seeking, Dialogue, and an Ecumenical Center

I’m an advocate of dialogue in everything, certainly including matters of faith. Sometimes, however, dialogue is confused with seeking. There’s nothing wrong with seeking, but it is not identical with dialogue, though they do overlap.

Dialogue can and should occur between people who do have an idea what they believe. It’s hard to have an [...]

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