Oct 01 2014

Soul Rain ... Kelli Sorg: Worrying has potential #nccumc

Worry is the imagination’s negative step-sister. It is the proof of the creative potential you have for making your life better, not worse. – Julia Cameron Worry and anxiety can spur us into a positive partnership with Holy Love. We … Continue reading

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Oct 01 2014

RMNBlog: 400 Methodists march for equality in Austin Pride Parade 2014

AUSTIN, TEXAS—How many Methodists does it take to open hearts, minds, and doors around the world? In the largest assembly of a religious denomination in a pride parade anywhere, 400 United Methodist Church (UMC) congregants and clergy showed up representing 8 local United Methodist churches for the second year in a row to march in the Austin Pride Parade on Saturday, September 20. The churchgoers were present with colorful signs, floats, and banners in an attempt to get the attention of their world-wide church before the 2016 global conference, where delegates gather to vote on church law, including the restrictions…

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Oct 01 2014

UMR: Non-denominational Strength for Service Board organized

As a sign of personal support, the nine directors pledged a total of $6,700 to the ministry to members of the Armed Services and first responders. Members also agreed to seek support from other individuals, churches, foundations and corporations.

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Oct 01 2014

UMC Lead: No Longer Afraid To Be Religious: Recovering From “It’s All About A Relationship”

Today we have a guest post by Ryan Thomas Neace (bio below). If you would like to be considered for a guest post, please feel free to email us at leadumc@gmail.com. ### I remember being very upset a number of years ago when now-Christian superstar, then unknown “evangelist,” Jefferson Bethke released the video Why I Hate Religion, […]

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Oct 01 2014

David F. Watson: Video: Hauerwas on Disability

Each year the Bethesda Institute holds the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability. If you have any interest in ministry with people with disabilities, you should certainly consider attending. As a bonus, they post presentations from the Institute on their website. A few months ago I wrote a post called “Human Life in a Liberal Society,”…

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Oct 01 2014

Thoughts From The Heart On The Left: “A World Wide Systems Failure”

Have you noticed how administrators and those in power are saying “the system failed” more and more these day? When did we get to the point where we relied solely on systems to solve our problems? Are there no humans … Continue reading

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