Jul 24 2014

Rev. Brent L. White: Have we really misunderstood the gospel?

A clergy friend of mine is reading Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel. My friend says that McKnight argues that we evangelicals have misunderstood the gospel in at least one important way: we overemphasize individual salvation through Christ’s atoning death and resurrection at the expense of the rest of the gospel, including most of the red-letter words of Jesus. While I haven’t read this […]

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Jul 24 2014

General Board of Global Ministries: Israel/Palestine: Call to Pray and Respond

Missionaries Alex Awad and Kristen Brown offer a prayer and urge United Methodists to pray for the Israel/Palestine conflict.

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Jul 24 2014

UMC Lead: Micah and Wesley: Requirements and Rules

This past Sunday I preached my first sermons as pastor of a two-point charge in my annual conference: FUMC Ferris and Bristol UMC. I had the sermon prepared for a few weeks beforehand, as I had just finished up my introductory preaching course at Perkins during a 3-week summer intensive. First Sunday’s with a new […]

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Jul 24 2014

Grand Rapids District: MI Institute for Pastoral Leadership

Leadership Matters The Michigan Institute for Pastoral Leadership Fall 2014-Winter 2015 Participants are expected to attend all five […]

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Jul 24 2014

UMR: Aging Well: What gifts can older adults give their adult children?

The summer that my parents celebrated their eighty-fifth birthdays, my siblings and I hosted a tropical bash in the dining room of their retirement community. Since my mother was born in late May and my father in August of the same year, we split the difference and had a joint, mid-summer celebration. It was a […]

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Jul 24 2014

Sandpiper's Thoughts: Tzedaka

I was reading a giving article in a magazine this morning.  The author, David Kottler, spoke about “the Hebrew concept of tzedaka.  The word is commonly used to refer to charity, but it’s much more.  It also carries a sense of obligation…

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