Jan 30 2015

Mustard Seeds: Black Or White: Grief and Family In B&W (Movie Review)

Trial lawyer Elliot Anderson (Kevin Costner) can’t handle the direction his life is going so her turns deeper and deeper into bottles of alcohol. He’s dealing with the death of his wife in a car accident, and now trying to … Continue reading

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Jan 30 2015

Sunday's Child: Sirach 24-25

Wisdom praises herself. When she was looking for the right home, the Creator sent her to Israel. There she took root and grew. She offers her fruits. Wisdom began like a canal from a river, and water gardens, then became a river then a sea.Wisdom takes…

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Jan 30 2015

This Day With God: Overcomers

Originally posted on Step Ahead:
Don’t believe in defeat The future is not bleak Nothing is impossible For with God, all is possible Let us be touched with divine power And never ever cower For greatness is released And his…

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Jan 30 2015

Seedbed: In the Company of the Fathers: The Desert Fathers

Christians are a peculiar people. After all, their founder was a homeless man who called his followers to pray for their enemies, to ascribe meaning to suffering, blessing […]

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Jan 30 2015

Sacredise: God Bless Africa – Worship for a time like this

How do your Sunday services help to inspire ministry and mission in your church? To what extent does attendance at worship lead your people to become transformed disciples? What impact does the worship life of your congregation have on the big issues in your community and in our country? How can you make the planning and leading of worship […]

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Jan 30 2015

Beguine Again: TGIF: Gratitude for a Moment of Awareness

As I was going about my day today, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by all the responsibilities in my life.  I have all these dreams and desires for a listening ministry.  I want so much for these dreams to come true.  But then there is the everyday stuff of life: an acute sickness, chronic illness, aging…

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