Jan 30 2015

Allan R. Bevere: The Bible Is Strange… and Our Most Treasured Book

It is strange that the Bible is our most treasured book, and yet it seems so difficult that we don’t find it very helpful. Perhaps we have expected the wrong things from it; we have asked of it what it cannot do. We have expected the Bible to keep…

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Jan 30 2015

connexions: ‘The computer is unable’

The computer is unable
to find God: no code
number, no address.
Technology stalls
without the material
we provide it. There must be
some other way. ‘Try
looking,’ says the eye,
‘Try listening’ the ear
answers. I stare into distance:
nothing but the gantries
where art is crucified in
the cause of new art.
I have heard amid uproar
in London the black redstart
singing among the ruins;
so I strain […]

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Jan 30 2015

Wheneftalks: Look No Further Than This

Yesterday was “Muslim Day” at the State Capital. Hundreds of Mulsims gathered peacefully and exercised their constitutional right of speech and assembly. But, right in the middle of their peaceful gathering, this happened:… Continue reading

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Jan 30 2015

RMNBlog: The tragic gap: On being an Advent and Lent people

By Autumn Dennis, Originally published at Inspire to Conspire Currently, we’re in the season of Epiphany. When I think of Epiphany, images of flashing light come to mind, of the glory of the Lord shining around the Magi, of the incarnation, and of the Fulfilling Hope coming into our midst. It should be a season of brightness. Better yet, it should be a season of epiphanies, of coming to realize that which was already in front of you. Justice. Incarnation. Coming restoration. Hope. Love. Peace. Joy. “When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.” -Matthew 2:10 Overjoyed. What a foreign…

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Jan 30 2015

Sandpiper's Thoughts: A Call to Worship

A call to worship(Inspired by Psalm 111)Friends,Sing a song of praise to the Lord.Let your heart be full of gratitudeas we stand together,the Body of Christ.Open your eyes and seethe great work of the Lordeverywhere we look,all around us.God’s hands ha…

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Jan 30 2015

Soul Rain ... Kelli Sorg: Upcoming Blog – Benedict’s Ladder of Humility #nccumc

As Lent approaches, as New Year’s resolutions begin to wane, as our faithful intentions for 2015 begin to fall by the wayside, I want to write about what’s really important and how we figure out what that is.  So, beginning next Monday, February 2, 2015, I will begin a new blog series based on a […]

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