Apr 18 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Good Friday: Stations of the Cross

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Apr 18 2014

A Pastor's Thoughts: Remember

Many are familiar with the beautiful poem, “Footprints.” In this story, a man dreams that he has a talk with Jesus about his life. Like all of us, this man had a life full of triumphs and tragedies, love and … Continue reading

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Apr 18 2014

The Haynes Blog » Rob’s Posts: What’s so Good about Friday?

Easter weekend is a four-day weekend in Britain.  Good Friday and Easter Monday are both official holidays.  On this Good Friday, several businesses are closed.  However, several cafes and shops […]

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Apr 18 2014

Commmonplace Holiness blog: Pannenberg: The Cross & Resurrection

The resurrection effectively reversed the charges against Jesus and confirmed his mission. We thus see that if he had saved his life at the cost of his proclaiming the divine lordship, he would have actually made himself independent of God…

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Apr 18 2014

Chad Brooks | Worshiping A God Who Comes To Our World: What I’ve Read in 2014

At the beginning of January I committed to the Empty Shelf challenge. I wanted to do this because I value reading. It is important for my faith, leadership and general self-improvement. Over the last few years I have read hardly anything not religious or church leadership oriented, so the list reflects some of those changes. […]

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Apr 18 2014

Crossfusion: Why Easter is More Important than Christmas

Original post at http://pastorjohnpartridge.blogspot.com/2014/04/why-easter-is-more-important-than.html     In the church, we observe a handful of “holy days” but really make a big deal about two of them: Christmas and Easter.  The average church person believes this to be true because those two days are the most heavily attended days on the church calendar.  Right or wrong, for …

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