Jul 28 2014

GodLifeChurch: Fertility Tips For Churches!

In a doctors waiting room John and Mary sit nervously, anxious for the news of their fertility tests, they longed for answers to their questions and fears. In a church nearby, a pastor sits looking across the empty pews in … Continue reading

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Jul 28 2014

Sacredise: Goodbye To Awesomeness

I’ve been struck, in the last few months, by a number of articles that speak about how social media can make us unhappy. The reason for this unhappiness, is that we only post the positive aspects of our lives (for the most part), and only see the best parts of others’ lives. So we end [...]

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Jul 28 2014

Begin Again: Mindful Monday:

Last Monday, I wrote about the “Stop, Drop, and Text” program sponsored by the Zen Monastery Peace Center. I’ve participated for two of the four weeks now and find it very helpful. Three times a day, I actually remember to “wake up” and text my facilitator about what inner process/sensation and emotions are occurring and…

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Jul 27 2014

Preceding Grace: Death Sometimes Brings Clarity to Life

Dr. John Rusco was my campus minister when I attended college at OSU.  He was a serious man whose eyes twinkled when he smiled.  He often saw the humor in life and enjoyed the students.But at the same time, he could often ask serious question…

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Jul 27 2014

A Pastor's Thoughts: A Treasure Hid from this World

“The kingdom of God within us is a treasure indeed, but a treasure hid from the world, and from the most wise and prudent in it. He that finds this treasure, (perhaps when he thought it far from him,) hides … Continue reading

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Jul 27 2014

Mitchell Lewis: Everything You Wanted to Know about Mustard Seeds

Everything you wanted to know about mustard seeds … and every spiritual lesson that you might draw from Jesus’ botanical analogy … is not how I would approach Matthew 13:31-32. Here’s where I would go. Jesus and his dirty dozen disciples and … Continue reading

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