Oct 02 2014

UMC Lead: Alanon, Churches, and Pastors: Part 1

The other week I had an opportunity to go to a treatment center and sit in on a friends and family session. In the session, friends and family members of individuals receiving treatment for chemical dependency were able to address their feelings and their realities as friends and families of the addicted. The sessions were […]

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Oct 02 2014

the unlikely orange: that bow tie, though

our youngest’s preschool picture.  he’s killing me.  with cuteness.  to use his own word, he’s aderbadable.

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Oct 02 2014

McilWeb: Our Halloween playlist

“Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett”Great Pumpkin Waltz” by the Vince Guaraldi Trio”Beware of the Blob” by The Five Blobs”Somebody’s Watching Me”by Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson”Halloween Theme” by John Carpenter”Purple People Eater” by S…

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Oct 02 2014

SOUND BITES: Something to chew on that is good for the soul™: WHEN OUR WORDS BECOME FLESH

Words are important.  Without them our actions lose meaning.  And without meaning we cannot live.   Words can offer perspective, insight, understanding, and vision.  Words can bring consolation, comfort, encouragement and ho…

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Oct 02 2014

Sparta FUMC Youth!: It’s a letter….to you!

Remember when you were 16 with that ridiculous hair?

And how you’d thought that by the time you got to here, to now, it was going to be good? That by now everything would be all good.

That by now you’d know down in the very marrow of your bones, what it’s like to really live loved. That you’d be known. Fully known. And wholly embraced.

That the Big Dream would have happened, that the peace and the purpose and the Big Point would be under your skin, that the awkward would be gone and that you’d finally fit and that your life made a real difference, you’d made a real mark, and that you really mattered.

The letter is called “Dear You” and can be read in it’s entirety here….

give hope to a child in need. Sponsor a child today.

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Oct 02 2014

A Potter's View: Dr. Welch’s Grape Juice & World Communion

This is that time of year when I ponder what World Communion really means. I can say that I love everybody, but if I harbor ill will when I come to the Table then it doesn’t do much good. If I’ve been a jerk to someone, I have prevented them from knowing grace, too. I […]

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