Jul 23 2014

A Potter's View: To Judge or Not to Judge?

Weeds are a pain! It’s hard to distinguish them from good plants sometimes, and by the time you can tell the difference it’s too late to do much about them. I guess you can just use an herbicide to kill everything, but that throws out the good with the bad. Somebody said that the way […]

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Jul 23 2014

Via Media Methodists: Via Media Methodists Respond to the “A&W” Proposals: Part 1.

In a recent twitter conversation, Stephen, Drew, and I were asked for a Via Media Methodists response to the recent proposals from Dr. Bill Arnold and Dr. David Watson; these proposals have been dubbed the “A&W proposals.” We are honored that the via media is asked to be a conversation partner. Having followed Dr. Arnold […]

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Jul 23 2014

Sunday's Child: Reflection on readings for July 23

It is you that light my lamp;the Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.(Psalm 18:28)2 Chronicles 8:11-10:19The rich queen of Sheba visits Solomon and is overwhelmingly impressed with his wisdom and his displays of wealth. We are told that also all the ki…

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Jul 23 2014

This Day With God: The Offer Remains Until the End

God will continue to offer eternal salvation up until the end but no one knows when the end will be. John continues to give us his vision of the end in Revelation 16, there is an expansion of the seventh … Continue reading

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Jul 23 2014

Seedbed: Understanding the Fast of Ramadan

In 2014 Ramadan ends on July 28—use this season as an opportunity to learn why Muslims fast and what points of connection you might share with them. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary with Matthew Friedman as he draws parallels between Muslim beliefs and Christianity.

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Jul 23 2014

Begin Again: Joyous Om

A couple weekends ago, I went to World Domination Summit 2014. I participated in “The Great Namaste.” This was a world-record setting yoga chain event. We started the event off with a massive “OM.” An OM is a mantra and mystical sound of sanskrit origin. Over 800 people united with an Om sent out to…

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