Apr 20 2014

Mercy Not Sacrifice: Resurrection and the gift of a wounded body

Since today is Easter, I’ve been trying to think of something inspiring to say. But I thought I would tell the truth about something in my life that sucks which I desperately want to narrate into a blessing. I have lost twenty pounds since December. It’s not because I’ve been good about exercising or eating… More

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: 1 Corinthians 5:6b-8 (Easter Evening)

Year A – Easter Evening or Opened Heart EveningApril 20, 20141 Corinthians 5:6b-8Is Easter a leavening agent, so but a little is needed in the presence of food and water to raise a large life? This asks an open heart to provide the right warmth for yea…

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Psalm 114 (Easter Evening)

Year A – Easter Evening or Opened Heart Evening
April 20, 2014
Just hours ago we used this same Psalm during a Vigil. Then we hinted at a new symbol that stands between the Edenic rivers in Genesis 2 and a river of life in Revelation 22—a river flowing forth from what was thought to be an empty tomb. I haven’t found a graphic for this and don’t have that gift. Anyone out there able to try to put into visual form the mystery of tomb silence and river gliding on?
Moving from rock to water pooled for us to live by still seems a valuable image and another way of asking whether our heart is more open this evening. Are you less stony and more limpid?

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Isaiah 25:6-9 (Easter Evening)

Year A – Easter Evening or Opened Heart Evening
April 20, 2014
As a partner with G*D and Neighb*r we can ask in this night whether one more tear has been wiped away from all faces with tears. There may not be smiles yet, but there can be one less tear. There is still enough for everyone to participate in a feast. 
Those without tears sustain a shroud cast over all others and will drown from the inside, not another flood. Dives will finally give up their place at the feast. While always welcome in a community not under their control, they may not be able to accept that welcome for a long time.
To tear off a corner of the shroud to dab someone’s tears is a participation in the rebuilding of community—a connexion restored. So claim the feast for someone else as they claim it for you. Together we will walk together in the cool of the evening and G*D’s tear will turn to an enormous grin bigger than a circus tent.

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Apr 20 2014

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue: Luke 24:13-49 (Easter Evening)

Year A – Easter Evening or Opened Heart Evening
April 20, 2014
A vision of angels by any other name is a vision of life. We are not stuck.
And yet we are slow in agreeing to get unstuck. 7 miles at 20 minutes per mile is a 3 hour, 20 minute conversation. Did the women get it right? Did those who went to see miss something?
How slow our hearts are to be opened. How many Easters have come and gone since you have revisited the silence of Easter, the imagery and symbolism of Easter, and the community of Easter. So has another Easter worn off already?
We could have another long conversation about whether we are to return to Galilee or remain in Jerusalem. Here Luke sets up Pentecost by staying while other witnesses have folks by the seashore. Where was the fish eaten?
We are slow enough to get hung up on the details and miss the meaning of the forest.
The only question this Easter Evening is whether our hearts are any more open tonight than they were in the morning. This is a daily question. A more dangerous way to ask this is whether we experience any more power to see that “repentance and forgiveness of sins” is proclaimed/lived? This is dangerous because it puts more emphasis on the judgment of repentance and less on forgiveness just because. Religious power structures have always arisen at this divide.
So back to this question: is your heart any more open tonight than it was this morning?

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Apr 20 2014

Allan R. Bevere: Jerusalem, Lift Up Your Gates and Sing!

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