Nov 06 2013

Hopeful: Marie, Recalled

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 Marie, Recalled

And in the midst of days filled and anxious,
and focused on things,
there came word of Marie.
And I recall the enthusiasm of first meeting,
and the sincerity and immediate connection.
I recall loyalty and diligence, a beautiful bull dog,
a friend, an exemplary cohort to guide us new places and through new whens.
A quarter-century of memories,
moments buried deep in me,
I grieve and yet I know to rejoice.
I celebrate my friend, my cohort;
I recall the tough times and laughter shared.
Days with Thai treats and deep conversation,
and perseverance in things that mattered,
we shared grand days on earth.
We shared the mundane and the deep.
We learned things that mattered, and
some years we learned over and over.
The youth she loved, and recalled,
they too will recall her.
In matters of family and friends, Marie was a mentor.
In different directions, pulled and grown,
still we knew each person.
I celebrate what you did and who you be.
I say farewell Marie.
Until we meet again!
Joy and peace!

(C) Tom Bolton, 4 November 2013, City Hall early morning

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