Oct 27 2013

John Meunier: All bets are off?

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United Methodist Reporter Executive Editor filed his reflections on the next steps for the UMC after the wedding Saturday in Alabama. One quote will not sum up his piece, but here was a paragraph that grabbed me:

At this point the future of these and other issues lies in the hands of the Western College of Bishops — a college that has supported Talbert’s call to “biblical obedience.” If they carry through on the statement adopted at the 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference and ignore the Discipline’s proscriptions on same-sex marriages when a complaint is made against Talbert then all bets are off for the future of a United Methodist Church.

For some reason this movie clip comes to mind as I read this. Not the war imagery, but the sense of being called to radical choice and unavoidable division.

I wonder how we change the tune to something more like this:

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  1. David Reinholz

    I left wondering who the character Ponine represents, the UMC or the marginalized? Who should we choose to live 100 years?

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