Sep 22 2013

Hopeful: Bread for the World

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This video from Notre Dame seems to be appropriate accompaniment for thoughts about Bread for the World. http://www.bread.org/institute/
2013 Hunger Report

The Institute’s new report — Within Reach: Global Development Goals — calls for a final push to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets by 2015. Extraordinary progress has occurred in countries around the world, and it is possible to replicate these achievements elsewhere. The 2013 Hunger Report focuses special attention on the U.S. role in achieving the MDGs by 2015.

The 2013 Hunger Report explains why partnerships among governments around the world and between governments and civil society are crucial to achieving rapid progress against hunger and poverty. It discusses the challenges that must be overcome — challenges that can be met only with strong leadership.

By 2015, leaders are expected to decide on a new set of global development goals to succeed the MDGs. The 2013 Hunger Report urges leaders at the national and global levels, civil society partners, and others engaged in the debate over what comes next to set a bull’s-eye goal: to end hunger and poverty by 2040.

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