Jul 01 2013

Hopeful: Mapping Hunger Solutions

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Mapping Hunger Solutions

This is an interesting article from the UMC website.

Betsy Comstock and Carolyn Pesheck wanted to see for themselves

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how people are responding to the issue of hunger in America.

The two sisters, both active United Methodists, bought a used minivan and embarked on a series of road trips between 2009 and 2012 that took them to hunger-related programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

They drove 38,893 miles and spent 254 nights in campgrounds, motels or the homes of family and friends. Comstock covered the gas, Pesheck paid for lodging and they took turns buying groceries. “It just became our way of life for a few years,” Comstock explained.


A range of actions are needed to reduce U.S. poverty, the sisters point out in their report. Charitable or federal safety nets will not disappear, but will shrink “as the need shrinks, so that they focus on those who, because of mental, physical, or emergency constraints, cannot adequately provide for themselves and their families.

“We envision an expansion of the healthy food movement in a way that inclusively makes local healthy food available to all by deliberately building healthy communities,” they write. “We are strong proponents of local farms, improving access to fresh produce, regional policies to promote access to healthy food, and improving knowledge about cooking and nutrition.”

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